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Trance Thursdays 007

Thursday, October 02, 2014

In light of Eric Prydz's allegedly mind-blowing EPIC 3.0 event last week at the world famous Madison Square Garden, I found it fitting to kick things off with my favorite AvB mashup. Armin used this bootleg for the better part of 2011 to close out his sets. Having experienced it myself, I can tell you it was the perfect way to cool things down while keeping the bass pumping to finish off the night.

Cirez D vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - On Off Of Love (AvB Mashup)

This week features two sensational and COMPLETELY distinct productions by one of my favorite producers, Andy Moor. The first of the two is filled with punchy electrotrance vibes accompanied by the soothingly haunting lyrics of Trance vocalist Betsie Larkin.

Betsie Larkin & Andy Moor - Not Afraid

And the second...well, I could hardly do it justice. This remix of Armin's original production "I Don't Own You" has remained in my top 10 Trance chart going on 3 years. Moor's composition speaks to the soul on a level that's simply devoid of any possible description. So please; sit back, relax, and let your mind dive into a state of Trance.

Armin van Buuren - I Don't Own You (Andy Moor Remix)

Despite many attempts to locate and give credit to the producers of this remix, I can't seem to find much about them anywhere. This track is another one that's been sitting at the top of my playlist since 2011, when I discovered the remix on StopBreatheBump. The sounds that come out of this remix are unlike any I've ever heard. Fair warning: the rage feels when the drop finally kicks in are intense, bump as directed.

Last Day On Earth (Teknartist & Mike Matthews Remix)

Check out this artfully calming ID from young-blood Monoverse's set in NYC earlier this year. I reached out to management to try to get any info on a name or release date of the track but have yet to hear back...stay tuned!

Monoverse - ID (Ripped from Extrema Night NYC Set)

Now, these days it's hard to find me actively promoting Armin's live sets because, while his ASOT podcasts are still on point, his standard for acceptable music to incorporate into his 1 hr festival sets has been colossally lowered. That said, a 7 hour Armin set, in Ibiza of all places, is a treat for anyone, but particularly a treat for the man himself to actually get a chance to DJ and take the listener on what he describes as "a musical journey." While a few of the cheesy remixes that any sensible ASOT supporter staunchly despises are scattered throughout the set, the mix is nonetheless a beautiful medley of so many different sounds, voices, melodies and rhythms that one is able to minimally cringe when they come up.

 Armin van Buuren - LIVE at Ushuaia, Ibiza 07-08-14 (Exclusive 7-hour solo set)

Happy Trance Thursday!