Ben Nicky Shows Us What a Headf*** is All About

In honor of Ben Nicky coming to my city this weekend (San Diego – details here), I thought I would cover his latest mix on SoundCloud. All I gotta say is man, this man knows how to blend together sounds! This particular mix was actually his set at Godskitchen Birmingham, and with each passing minute it gets better and better.

Ben Nicky – Live at Godskitchen Birmingham 27/09/14

One of the biggest highlights of the set was Nicky staying true to the “Headfuck” name; first he would throw in some euphoric uplifting, then some dark, progressive psy-trance, and finally some grimy tech-trance and then he’d start all over again. I really felt like I was on a ride the whole hour. Other bonus? Nicky seemed to read my mind by closing with an uplifting remix of “On A Good Day.” How did you know I was a huge Above & Beyond fan? Yes, I can’t wait to see this lovely man in person this Friday.

Ben Nicky

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

A die-hard trance family member and a lover of all things related to electronic music, this Oaklander lives for the times when she can let loose and dance. Maybe prone to make corny pun jokes and clichés.
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