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This is what happiness sounds like

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

I love the direction Steve Brian is taking with his sound, and if you're familiar with Myon & Shane 54, you'll immediately understand why they've signed the Germans latest track to their Ride Recordings. Just like the duo from Hungary so often does, Brian's music is filled with an intense passion and happiness. I have to admit that my tastes in music sometimes seem to be stuck in the uplifting Trance tunes of 2011, and this was a refreshing reminder that the music I love is still be cultivated and created by amazing artists like Steve Brian and all of the other artists over at the Ride Recordings. steve brian moringa

Steve Brian Featuring Szen - Moringa

I'm not sure what inspired this track, but from looking at Steve Brian's facebook page, it wouldn't be unlikely if this picture was responsible.
Hope you enjoyed the rideeeeeee