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Trance Thursday 011

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Happy Thursday #Trancefamily! This week I'm featuring a variety of sub-genres to meet everyone's Trance tastes. There's a free download in here from Soundprank and a throwback remix by Suncatcher to round things out. [Tweet "I'm in a state of trance with @onlythebeatedm"] I have a special favor to ask of you this week and I'll be brief: If you feel any type of emotional connection with the songs I've highlighted in this article, please, share it with someone. You never know how it might turn their day around. Now...back to the music...

1. DT8 Project - Forever In A Day

Daren Tate is back uder his DT8 alias delivering one of the most hypnotic head-nodding Trance tracks of the year. It's funny because I never intend to listen to tracks on repeat, but deep down, that's really the only way I know I've found something special; when it's able to steal my attention undeniably to the point where I'm consumed and can't seem to draw myself away. I'm a passionate person, and I guess one of the things I like about emotional Trance (dance) music is that it evokes such powerful emotions, but I get to write my own story to go with them. And my story is never sad. Enjoy this masterpiece from Daren Tate. Did I mention there is a club mix? For those who need to speed it up, and Daren brings back some lyrics:

2. Soundprank - Curvature

I apologize in advance to the purists' out there who might have an issues with my identification of this track as "Trance," but I see it working into a Trance set beautifully and it's a free could I not share it with you?

3. Nick Sember - Forth

Does that name look familiar? The importance of this track is really the major news that Norin & Rad is no longer a two man team. Bruce is going his own way to pursue individual projects while Nick will continue with the name Norin & Rad as his own moniker. My sources tell me the guys still remain good homies (and roommates!). For more info you can check out Nick's Facebook post below:  
  trance thursday

4. Jason Ross - Elements | Sunny Lax Remix

Both versions are fantastic in every way that you'd expect from a track signed on Anjunabeats. Personally I give the slight edge to Sunny Lax, because (for a lack of a better word) it's trancier, but that's just me. I know Jason Ross has been making a lot of fans lately and I'd love to hear from you guys this week! Show some support and let me know which version of this track you prefer :)

5. Paul Oakenfold feat. Angela McCluskey - You Could Be Happy (Shadow Of Two Remix)

Shadow of Two returns to Trance Thursdays with a banging remix of Paul Oakenfold's You Could be Happy featuring Angela McCluskey's haunting vocals. She nails it. Shadow of Two nails it. The whole track SCREAMS Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast (which is where I heard it...although, Markus might have sped up the BPM for the podcast).

6. Steve Brian & David Berkeley - Fire Sign (Suncatcher Remix)

A little throwback to end the week, Suncatcher's uplifting remix of Steve Brian & David Berkeley's Fire sign. Shout out to Elizabeth for sharing this with me today :) Which track was your favorite? Are you bummed to hear about Norin & Rad? Let's have a conversation in the comments section. And as always, send me your tracks by tweeting @danTaibleson