Maybe The Best “Drop” I’ve Ever Heard

Or one of my favorite drops, at least. When you pair the likes of Ian Standerwick and Ben Nicky together, you know that the result is going to be something for the books. And that it was; this song is literally a perfect fusion between their two styles, and I loved being able to pick out out which parts were by Standerwick and which parts were by Nicky!

Additionally, the breakdown is positively lovely. You’ve got the pretty orchestral accents, the Middle Eastern female vocal sample, and a simple-yet-uplifting melody. Following the first drop comes the actual “drop,” where a voice says “drop” and the track transforms itself from uplifting trance to tech-trance. Blast this song in the morning along with your morning coffee to get a nice boost!

Ben Nicky & Ian Standerwick – Drop


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Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

A die-hard trance family member and a lover of all things related to electronic music, this Oaklander lives for the times when she can let loose and dance. Maybe prone to make corny pun jokes and clichés.
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