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It’s Finally Here! Above & Beyond - We Are All We Need

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Unless you’re name is Patrick Star and you live under a rock at the bottom of the sea, you probably already knew that Above & Beyond’s new album, We Are All We Need, was releasing today. 4 years after the release of Group Therapy, Above & Beyond proves yet again why they are the number 1 trance trio in the world right now. Above and Beyond We're All We Need Starting the album off with an ode to “Small Moments Like These” in “Quieter is Louder” Above & Beyond takes you to where their name implies, high above and far beyond the world of we know today. As Song after song plays one simply can’t press stop. From “Blue Sky Action” to “Sticky Fingers” and “All Over The World” Jono, Tony and Paavo definitely had the live stage on their minds during the creation of this album. “Peace of Mind” will definitely become one of the album favorites as Zoe Johnston sings out a stage ready chorus that I just can't wait to hear on their upcoming tour.  Beat after beautiful trance beat creates a feeling of a need to dance - though this comes as no surprise. While these tracks invoke the big stage memories with thousands of people staring at the trio, they have also created some excellent tracks to enjoy alone with some nice pair of headphones. The trio is in tune with their fan base and know that the people have been anxiously awaiting this album as they did not disappoint.“Counting Down The Days” has instantly become one of my new favorite tracks, a sentiment that I believe I share with many others. Above & Beyond We Are All We Need

I could go on and on about how much I enjoy this album, but let’s get to the meaty stuff here, how does it stack up against their previous releases? Does it top Group Therapy?

Group Therapy was groundbreaking and a turning point in Above & Beyond’s career… sadly, I don’t think We Are All We Need equals it in that way. Don’t get me wrong, this album will probably still be the number 1 album this year, but I don’t think it exceeded the bar set by Group Therapy. While We Are All We Need can still be put on replay, I feel that it lacked a certain air that simply cannot be explained about Group Therapy. Maybe it was the groundbreaking new sound of Group Therapy back then, or maybe it is the fact that this album has subtle mainstream overtones? While the answer eludes me, I return to the album for the 3rd play through since they released the album to stream on iTunes. We Are All We Need is certainly going to be a must own for any Above & Beyond fan; or any EDM fan for that matter. It is chock full of tracks that will be played for years to come and will be a shining star in Above & Beyond’s outstanding career and is sure to leave a mark EDM. You can also enjoy a 10 minute long mini-documentary about creating the album on Youtube below:  You can purchase the album now through iTunes or from the anjunabeats store. Enjoy the album and make sure to buy your tickets for their US tour starting February 6th. I'll be going to their stop in Dallas, where are you seeing them? What are your favorite tracks? My initial favorites are “Peace of Mind,” “All Over the World” and “Hello.” Comment below with your thoughts on We Are All We Need.