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JES Impresses With "Two Souls"

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Daniel Taibleson

Sitting at number 5 on the Beatport Trance chart and making the rounds on all of the best Trance podcasts, JES's latest production, Two Souls, is another instant classic from a living-legend. Although JES is a staple in Trance music as a vocalist, I think it's time for everyone to give her a second look as a producer. Famous first for her voice, JES is now responsible for so much more than just lyrics and having the voice of an angel; she's kicking ass as a producer, and in this humble writer's opinion, putting most of the DJ Mag Top 100 artist's to shame. JES two souls trance The complexity of her tracks and her ability to produce a complete package goes beyond what others are doing in EDM with the exception of Calvin Harris, who also produces and sings on his productions. Think about that for a second. Think about your other favorite artists. Who else is producing the tracks and doing the vocals? (if you are thinking about Krewella, you're in the wrong place). Many production duo's, for example Tritonal and Project 46, are extremely involved in the vocals, but they aren't doing the actual singing (That being said, I have been with Dave Reed when he's sung a track and sent it to a vocalist to re-do, and I thought his rendition was actually better than the final product). I'm not trying to take anything away from other artists who are also involved, rather attempting to show my respect for JES and her amazing talents. For someone to make such a massive transition and do it so successfully....well, that's just testimony to JES' strength as a person and an artist.

JES - Two Souls

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