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Forever Entranced by Above & Beyond in Dallas

Monday, March 09, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

What can I say about Above & Beyond’s show in Dallas except… Beautiful.

Above & Beyond We Are All We Need Tour Dallas

Above & Beyond has been on my “Must See” list since I first heard Group Therapy back in 2011. After reading fellow writer Elizabeth Ninivaggi’s review of their show at the Forum in LA, it was settled… I had to see the trio when they made their stop in Dallas at Southside Ballroom.

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Even though Mother Nature tried desperately to cancel the event by dumping  just over 3 inches of snow in Dallas Wednesday night into Thursday (I know, I know, that’s nothing for you guys in the Northeast but look, it’s Texas) nothing could have prepared us for this message though.
Unfortunately, Jono had the hardest day after losing his sister, Charlotte, the day before the show and had to pull out of performing for the next week. Tony wound up being the only member of the trio performing, but that didn’t stop him nor the city of Dallas from wrapping Jono’s heart and Charlotte’s soul in PLUR. [caption id="attachment_31484" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Jono Stay Strong Above & Beyond We Are All We Need Dallas Guess who got to push the button?[/caption]

The Event of The Century

16 Bit Lolitas opened for Above & Beyond, grooving through the first two hours with plenty of deep tracks that I could listen to all day long. As 10 o'clock rolled around, the crowd started getting restless awaiting the moment Tony would walk on stage. He walked on and the crowd went wild. “We Are All We Need” opened the set as Tony weaved their new album between classics "Sun and Moon," "Black Room Boy" and "Thing Called Love" adding in countless tracks that have been featured on Group Therapy. Dallas’ Record of the Week was Andrew Bayer’s new single “Super Human” and boy does that song get better and better with each listen. The crowd loved every second of the set as we hit the best part about Group Therapy… pushing the button. It was pretty easy for Tony to pick the two (look above) as they were “king for a day” sending Dallas into ecstasy with “Blue Sky Action” blaring through the speakers. Above & Beyond left Dallas and myself with our hearts filled full of  peace, love, and united us in respect for Jono’s sister, Charlotte. Attendees were encouraged to wear a white ribbon on their left arm, which were seen everywhere. A sell-out crowd filled the Ballroom with enough PLUR to last well into the summer and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. My expectations for the show were very high, and frankly, I was afraid that they may have too high. The concert not only met expectations but exceeded them beyond imagination. None of these words or pictures can even come close to the energy that is exuded during Above & Beyond’s live show; it is something everyone must experience at least once. Above & Beyond We Are All We Need Dallas Small MomentsIf you haven’t had the chance to attend an Above & Beyond show, you have to go. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Most of the tour at this point is sold out, but if there are tickets near you, purchase them now, you will not regret it. Make sure to show your support for the group on their social media pages and spread the love to Jono as he deals with his recent loss.