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Paul van Dyk & Roger Shah Ft. Daphne Khoo - Louder

Monday, March 23, 2015

Louder copy Lest you hadn’t caught the thread, Collaborations, with a capital C are the name of the ‘POD3’ game. Following a string of album initiating, Beatport/iTunes dominating singles, early March sees ‘Politics 3’ flip its fourth co-op card. Having already teamed up with Ummet Ozcan, Aly & Fila and others, ‘Louder’ finds Paul van Dyk sharing studio time with that most Balearically minded of men, Roger Shah. Adding to ‘Louder’s already exotic equation is Australian-born/Singapore-raised/Manhattan-based singer Daphne Khoo. Collectively the three have come up with something that’s as irrepressibly catchy and spirit-filled, as it is floor intoxicating. Available through Ultra Music/NewState now A PvD/Roger Shah studio team-up has been a long discussed waiting-to-happen for the pair. Only through the genesis of ‘The Politics of Dancing 3’ though has that collaboration finally reached fruition. A departure from the trancier ethics of recent singles ‘Guardian’ & ‘Only In A Dream’, the Club Mix delivers something designed to light the upcoming festival season up brighter-than-bright. Daphne Khoo, a first season finalist on Singapore Idol and no stranger to the stage, is the songstress that brings ‘Louder’ its head-rush ebullience. Adding some trance shades & grades to ‘Louder’s release, the first two remixes come courtesy of PvD’s VANDIT Records lieutenants Maarten de Jong & Ben Nicky. Netherlander de Jong hikes the furnace levels up to ‘big ‘n’ blistering’, distilling marching drums, tech-fried FX and rave-ish riffs into his mix. A keen balance of the harmonic and the euphoric, Ben Nicky ups ‘Louder’s uplift ante no end, giving it loads of warp, squelch and pitch wheel fury for good measure. Collectively, a release so large, it should technically require some sort of planning permission, ‘POD3’ gets ‘Louder’ from today Tracklist: 01: Louder – Club Mix 02: Louder – Ben Nicky Remix 03: Louder – Maarten de Jong Remix