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Sunbird - They Accept Paradise (Eximinds Remix)

Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Daniel Taibleson

If you had an EDM duo called Sunbird, how do you think your music would sound? If you made a song that had the word "Paradise" in the title, how do you think it would turn out? I think it would sound EXACTLY like this.

Sunbird - They Accept Paradise (Eximinds Remix)

Turns out Sunbird was a project of Russian producer Vasily Dvortsov (known as The Orange) and vocalist Ksenia Lorents who worked together in 2013 to release a selection of progressive vocal tracks. They Accept Paradise got a remix from Eximinds and it's pure bliss. Turn this up and tune everything else out...

Where's your paradise? I know where mine is....

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