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Feel Alive Again With 3LAU And Emma Hewitt

Wednesday, August 05, 2015
Janessa Demeule

Ever since he began producing in 2011, Justin Blau, known as 3LAU, is widely regarded for his progressive stance on electronic music production. This time around, 3LAU is releasing an EP with Emma Hewitt, the dance vocalist, whose voice has brought electronic music fans to the edge and back over the last decade. The culmination of their work takes form in a three song EP, "Alive Again". Which sees the two release the same song, in three different versions. What makes this EP unique is that the two worked together to create three emotionally different songs from one idea. The final result is a beautifully manipulative EP that creates a broad range of sensations.  With regards to musicianship being precedent over the generic and recurrent house sound that has been spat out over the last year, the duo has performed magic in it's most purest form. The first version premiered on Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance, instantly becoming a hit. In this version, the production style is uplifting and energetic. The moments before the "drop" -I use the term loosely here- impart the sensation of running towards a cliffs edge and jumping into the unknown. Instead of falling, you soar. Surprisingly the acoustic version gifts listeners with more than your traditional acoustic fare. If you're expecting a vocal edit, solely focused on Hewitt's talents, you're in for a treat. A soft guitar melody and minimal production values accompany her haunting siren's call. These changes allow for the feel of the track to radically differ from the energy-driven original. Chilling and calm, the composition of the track allows for a reflective state of mind. The final version on the EP is dubbed Experimental mix, yet this is where both 3LAU's production and Hewitt's vocals soar highest.  Creatively speaking, this version has a more complex production. It sounds radically different from either predecessor and spans multiple genres in regards to sound engineering. A heavy melodic trance sound is deftly intertwined with progressive house vocal edits and future bass-esque kick/ bass line. Throughout the song elements are added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided, making an equation only 3LAU holds the answer to. There is no race to the finish, there is no chill, the destination of this version can only be reached if you take the time to ride. It is the track best situated between the energy of the first and the second with out leaning to far to one side. This EP is a reminder to all, that amidst the chaos, between the drops, if you listen closely, you'll find a melody to hold on to. Something that will make you feel alive again. Make sure to buy your copy here. Which version is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!