Johnny Yono and Bo Bruce are a match made in Trance heaven!

Johnny Yono - Exchange LA 9-19-2014

Johnny Yono – Exchange LA 9-19-2014

The UK’s Bo Bruce is one of the industry’s most naturally talented singers, who’s impressed both vocally and lyrically throughout her career. It’s a no brainer why Perfecto assigned some of their best artists to put the trance spin on “These Hands I Hold,” but out of these great reworks, Johnny Yono went too far beyond expectations, delivering another dosage of his slamming, progressive sound while bringing out Bo’s memorable and iron hearted lyrics to their fullest expression. Turning what was a romantic power pop ballad into a rushing, symphonic trance anthem. One could imagine Joan of Arc riding into battle with this tune, as Yono swings harder than ever with the colossal beat and bassline. His work with the vocals is impeccable as well as he brilliantly incorporates Bo’s inspiring lyrics with all their conviction and desperation into the fist-pumping climax that crushes the dancefloor. It’s so much more than a banging trance tune, it’s a shining example of what the forefront of today’s most large scale, cinematic dance epics are becoming. A must listen!

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