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Soundprank's Back And Better Than Ever!

Monday, August 24, 2015
Mike Suarez

[caption id="attachment_34887" align="alignleft" width="333"]Largo Largo[/caption] Experienced producers like Soundprank don’t just create effective dance tunes, they give you polished works of art that are as much a joy in your headphones as they are at the club or festival. Largo is a dense tune with all the excitement of a modern dancefloor banger with all the charm and introspective wonder that Soundprank has made a benchmark of his releases. Largo undergoes a dramatic progression as the tune evolves into its thrilling climax. Heavily influenced by today’s best cinematic scores, listeners will hear the symphonic elements come together with stunning resolve. It’s a perfect example of classical and electronic sounds blending beautifully, which not only sticks out amongst its fellow Zero-Three releases, but most popular dance music in general. Easily one of the label’s best releases and a potent reminder of the sonic powerhouse that is Soundprank.

Soundprank - Largo