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Go Beyond the Tribe with Talla 2XLC

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Mike Suarez

[caption id="attachment_34906" align="alignleft" width="300"]Talla's Beyond The Tribe Rework cover Talla's Beyond The Tribe Rework cover[/caption] If trance music had a Mt. Rushmore, there’s no doubt Talla 2XLC would be one of the faces. An absolute legend of the scene who hasn’t slowed down in over 30 years while always staying faithful to the true sounds of trance music. He’s in the middle of another fantastic year, with numerous releases from his Tetsuo label hitting the Beatport trance top 10, and his latest remix of Vini Vici’s “Tribe” could easily top them all.Combining the best elements from Talla’s uplifting mastery and the fierce, driving energy of his psy-trance alter ego, Zyrus 7, Talla’s “Beyond the Tribe Rework” has the power to send any dancefloor into an uproar of electronic euphoria. The powerful melodies work magically with the ancient soundscapes creating a gargantuan climax that leads into the knockout punch of a drop. Talla is also making his triumphant return to the U.S. later this year and with tracks like this, he’ll remind the states that trance music is undeniably alive and well.

Talla 2XLC presents: Vini Vici - The Tribe (Talla 2XLC Beyond The Tribe Rework)