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Temple One & Sarah Lynn Shoot For The Stars!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Mike Suarez

Temple One - Show Me The Stars coverThere’s many great trance producers, and then there’s Temple One. Few artists have had their names go as synonymously with quality and majesty as him. Taking a less-is-more approach with his songwriting with a unrivaled attention to detail, making all his tracks nothing short of masterpieces. Sarah Lynn joins Temple One in the triumphant “Show Me The Stars.”  It’s a symphony of sound that never lets up, and strikes a great balance of wavy, airy, euphoria and powerful intent. Sarah Lynn’s vocals make for some great icing on the cake and while they deliver the classic trance style, the tune manages to avoid overdosing with uplifting cheese. Temple One reminds us that he is still a giant in vocal trance and “Show Me The Stars” is one of the true gems of 2015.

Temple One & Sarah Lynn - Show Me The Stars (Original)