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The Genesis Of Tempo Giusto

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Mike Suarez

A pioneer of the next generation of trance music and the new head honcho of tech trance, Tempo Giusto has been on everyone's minds. Releasing one relentlessly energetic and power banger after the next, Tempo is quickly becoming one of the most sought after names in the scene, and even considering the amazing year he's had so far, his latest release on Bryan Kearney's Kearnage imprint, may be his crowning jewel for 2015. Genesis combines groove with ferocity to create a dramatic, gargantuan beat that easily stands along the massive bigroom bangers too commonly heard at mainstream festivals, but also contains the symphonic, musical knowledge that only an experienced, professional composer could concoct. He even recorded a time lapse of his entire creative process! Watch and learn from trance's new prodigy.