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Lange Recordings Celebrates Its 200th release!

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Mike Suarez

For years Lange has held a powerful presence in the dance community and is one of the grandmasters of trance music. His imprint, Lange Recordings, has become one of the most prominent and exclusive brands in the scene and has reached its triumphant 200th release. Assembling an all-star roster of finest artists on the planet, it is the label’s biggest EP to date and displays every great aspect of their illustrious sounds coming together like never before. The two tracks are actually quite different and do a great job at highlighting each artist’s fortes. “Jackhammer” from Lange, Tempo Giusto, and Stephen Kirkwood, is a mighty tech trance powerhouse with clear influence from Tempo Giusto’s energetic and mechanical vibe that feels a lot like Lange’s recent works on his new techno inspired Create label. “Hijackers” on the other hand is a classic Lange anthem that gives listeners everything they love about trance music. Crafted by Johnny Yono, Monoverse, and Somna, it’s massive, banging grooves meld famously with the symphonic breakdown and a gorgeously written melody. The Lange 200 package reminds fans why the label has remained strong after all these years while giving us a glimpse at the future. With so much talent in only two songs it’s impossible to fail, but even with high expectations, Lange and his team pulls it off and you’d be crazy to miss it.