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OnderKoffer Trap Tuesday Interview Special!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Sam Storch

In the house music industry it is very rare to find artists who excel at many different subgenres of EDM. It seems that people with that kind of unique talent and determination are in the underground realms of electronic dance music and have not received the notoriety that they may deserve.


Onderkoffer is one of these artists that people should start paying attention too because he is about to make some noise in this industry. Best known for his energetic, hard-hitting, and fast paced Trap productions, Onderkoffer is in reality a jack of all trades producer who has produced many tracks in different genres. He has received support from some of the biggest names in the industry including Laidback Luke, Blasterjaxx, Martin Garrix, Borgeous and Yellow Claw. His Trap Remix of “Run This Town” by Jay-z ft. Kanye West & Rihanna quickly became one of the most popular remixes of the track and has received phenomenal support. Most recently Onderkoffer released his newest original “Twerk Shake Drop Repeat” on March 7th. What makes “Twerk Shake Drop Repeat” so amazing is Onderkoffer’s ability to incorporate so many different styles of music into this track. On this Trap Tuesday, we at OTB were lucky enough to interview this amazing up and coming artist and really find out how versatile and unique he really is. OTB: How did you get started producing and DJing? Onderkoffer: It started in 2009 during music class. One time, the teacher showed us a program called “Fruity Loops” and let us experiment with it during that class. After that I downloaded it on my own computer at home because I was interested in making music with that program. From that moment on I made hiphop and house beats just for fun. I never did anything serious with my music until last year around June 2013. I decided that, after a lot of compliments and positive reactions, I was going to put more effort in my music. Because I made a lot of house I decided to start DJing as well because I thought that it was cool to make music and play your own music.   OTB: One of the most unique things about you is that you have the ability to produce a wide range of different genres of music? Why do you do that instead of stick with one genre (like trap)? OnderkofferI just make the kind of music that I find interesting or that sounds good to me. An example is my Orchestral Remixes: I always was interested in classical music or film-music like Hans Zimmer, so I decided to give it a shot and came up with the idea to make an Orchestral remix of a house track (thanks to Mako’s remix of Hardwell’s ‘Spaceman’, also a big inspiration). Next to that I started of making Hiphop and House and I see Trap as a mix of both. I also try to use as much elements of other genres in my music, like using House or Hardcore kind of melodies in my Trapbeats. OTB: What is your favorite snack/food/drink when producing? OnderkofferI actually have no idea. I’m the kind of person that loves food, especially junkfood, so I guess that junkfood is the answer here haha. As for favorite drink: Pepsi Max all the way, love the taste.   OTB: Musically, where do you get your inspiration for making a track? Who has really influenced your sound and style? OnderkofferI think that differs per track or genre. I find inspiration in all music from every artist I listen to.   OTB: What do you feel is your favorite track that you have produced? What was the most difficult? OnderkofferMy favorite track that I’ve produced is mostly one of the last tracks I’ve produced recently, and that’s “Twerk Shake Drop Repeat”. I made that track in the middle of the night, laying in bed with a laptop on my lap haha. I literally recorded the vocals with my Iphone while everybody was asleep. The tracks that were the most difficult to produce are definitely the Orchestral Remixes because they need so much layering and chords and EQ to make it sound professional and real. OTB: If there was one festival or show you could play at what would it be and why? OnderkofferDefinitely Tomorrowland. I just love everything around it: How big it is, the DJ’s on stage, the dancers, the dress-ups, the people from all over the world and the love they bring with them.   OTB: If you had 1 producer to work with and collaborate with who would it be? OnderkofferI think the producer from Knife Party, I just love the variation and originality in their tracks.   OTB: Recently, many people have been negatively commenting on the state of EDM. How do you believe the EDM scene is doing and do you believe the negative opinions (I.E. every song sounds the same, all a DJ does is press play etc…) of EDM have any merit? OnderkofferI think many people are right in one way, that indeed a lot of the EDM music sounds the same. But there are examples like Blasterjaxx, who make original stuff although they make Big Room/Subkick House. And then there’s guys like Tchami and Oliver Heldens with their Future House tracks that keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think the people judge to quickly and need to look for the originality within an almost unoriginal genre, this is what a lot of producers are aiming for when working within this genre (Big Room). DJ skills are underestimated as well. Of course there are DJ’s with a pre-recorded set but there are a lot of DJ’s out there who seriously have some skills. The technology of now makes everything a lot easier (CDJ2000 Nexus with Sync) but that doesn’t mean the DJ’s play easier. This actually opens new doors to mix, use effects etc. OTB: What are your ultimate goals and aspirations? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? OnderkofferI want to become big in music and want to reach as much people with my music as I can. I hope I see myself on some big international stages in 5 years!   OTB: Justin Bieber moves into the house next to you… Whats the first thing that goes through your head? Onderkoffer“What the hell is a richass dude like Justin Bieber doing in a fucked up neighborhood like this one? I guess the economic crisis hits us all!” OTB: In your opinion who are some Producers/DJs who people don’t know but should look out for? OnderkofferEvery member of Vato Gonzalez’s forum ( where I’m a member of as well. I think some of those guys (who call themselves “The Army of Bastards”) are the future number one producers and you should definitely check them out!   OTB: Do you have anything exciting in the works for us? Do you have anything coming out soon? OnderkofferI did an official Trap remix called “APX & Tyro Maniac ft. Rosli – That Place (Onderkoffer Remix)” that will soon be released on Deal Records! Next to that I’m busy making a track for an EP called “Get Trapped Volume One” that features Trap-artist like Benasis, Tropkillaz and many more! And of course my own Future House, Big Room –and Trap projects. There’s a lot coming! OTB: What advice do you have to give to your fans and the people reading this? OnderkofferDon’t give a fuck about people who tell you what you can or cannot do.Do what you want to do and enjoy doing it, that way you’ll reach your goals eventually; Patience is key.

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