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Interview with Black Boots - the Masters of "Tarp"

Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Welcome to this week's Trap Tuesday! This week is all about Black Boots. Last week, Black Boots (a rising duo out of Las Vegas) released a Festival Tarp Remix of "READY!" by Deorro & MAKJ. Why it says "tarp" instead of "trap" we aren't sure, but we know that this hard hitting track is one that we'll regularly have on our trappy playlists moving forward. The best part about this bad boy? It's available for free download, so go get "READY!" Oh, you're ready for more Black Boots? Lucky you, because we've got an interview with them right here. Lightknife & Mikey Francis of Black Boots describe themselves  "A couple of weird 90s kids pursuing our dream of never working a real job. We live for the party, the women, and the free food on our DJ rider. We come from the ghettos of Las Vegas and are tired of seeing David Guetta's face on the billboard coming out of our backyard. Our music is a freakish hybrid of electronic, dance, urban, industrial, indie and of course, big room." Oh yeah, they are also signed to Ultra Music.  I got to speak with Black Boots and I asked them a couple of questions that some people have been dying to know. OTB: If you had to explain Tarp to someone what would you call it? BB: Well, what I can tell u is this... You don't have to wear snap backs in order to play Tarp. You can,but it's not necessary. OTB: Why "fuck genres"?  BB:  Why limit yourself to a certain style or sound when there is so much good music? Never understood the concept of putting yourself in a box like that. We just make whatever we are feelin at the moment because that's who we are. OTB: Do you think living in Las Vegas has had any impact on your producing? BB: It's love and hate living in vegas. It's a very commercial, superficial city and crowd, constantly being around that I think that's influenced has subconsciously influenced our music to appeal to the mainstream, but at the same time we are kind of those weird misfit kids who don't fit with the vegas mold. Either way we have vegas in our blood and our comfort zone is weird and crazy. OTB:  If you weren't producing what would you be doing? BB: A traveling gypsy.  OTB:  If you could play any music festival which one would it be and why? BB:  It would have to be Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas,since it's our home town and we have had so many amazing memories over the years there.  OTB: What can we expect from you guys next? BB: Lots of new remixes and original music. As much as humanly possible. And absolute madness when we come to play your city.   We can be expecting new music and madness when Black Boots comes to play your in town! Be on the look out for these two as they are going to become even more massive (trust me, I have a feeling).