Whiiite Puts That Trap Feel On YG’s “Who Do You Love”

“One of those songs I felt deserved to be played in a larger setting… It’s been in my sets for a bit, but wanted to give my own flip. On that future1hundred thing.” – Whiiite

I 100% agree with Whiiite on this one, if I hear this remix played at a festival or during say a Flosstradamus set, I would lose it. This track is killer. I like it better then the original and if you like trap as much as I do I have a feeling you will too.

YG feat. Drake – Who Do You Love (Whiiite’s Future1Hundred Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

Want some background info on Whiiite? Well you’re in luck!

Producer/DJ Chris White (aka Whiiite) has gives you the best of both worlds in his tracks. He merges together electro house and hip hop and puts out banging remixes and originals. Also he has some experiance in film, art and design which he uses to take his projects to next level 1hundred.

Whiiite uses original superhero graphic novel art which syncs up with each one of his EPs and cover arts. It tells the epic story of his origin and powers and the villains he faces with each character having their own dance music sound. Fans have come to fully embrace this visual aspect of the Whiiite project, and anxiously await each new song, comic issue or art piece that expands this ever evolving story.

Here is some of Whiiite’s incredible superhero art work: 

Whiiite and Lana Del Rey



Whiiite’s story has taken him from the main stages of HARD Summer and Beyond Wonderland to playing alongside Deadmau5 at XS in Las Vegas. Whiiite personifies 21st Century technology and culture, combining the auditory and visual mediums to create something truly new and unique for his fans and audiences all over the world.
Madison Riccardi

Madison Riccardi

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Hailing from Southern California, another Los Angeles native, Madison has been in the EDM scene since 2010. Madison is your main women for anything trap, but she also loves anything from deep house to hardstyle. Madison is not only one of our writers but she is also a photographer as well. If you are ever looking for some bass heavy tunes you can be sure she will direct you to the right Soundcloud. #NapGirls
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