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Party Thieves is an Up and Coming Trap Master

Wednesday, November 05, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Contradictory of the plural name, Party Thieves is a solo artist from the Empire State. He leaves it plural because his fans and homies together make up the thieves! I was lucky enough to get an interview with the man himself. So lets see what he has to say! OTB: Do you think that living in New York has impacted the way you produce? Party Thieves: Yes and no. I was actually brought up around gospel music (still love me some Fred Hammond to this day) but obviously NY has such a strong hip hop culture so it definitely has added to my love for trap within EDM. OTB: What inspired you to start DJing/Producing? Party Thieves: I went to the United States Military Academy (West Point) and throughout college I played Division I sports such as football and track until my Junior year I got badly injured and couldn't compete how I used to. I was also going through a lot of mental stress and depression and badly needed an outlet to vent. Immediately I became almost addicted to dance music and house music at first. I attended my first festival EDC NY with some of my friends in 2012 and immediately wanted to be apart of a family and culture in which I no longer had in sports. OTB: If you could give a word of advice to aspiring DJ's/Producers what would you tell them? Party Thieves: I think music for me is beyond the whole dream of one day playing Ultra or Tomorrowworld, those are bonuses. In reality, no matter what happens in my future within music, I will always have my laptop, my daw, my headphones, and my music. That's the important thing, if I never "made it" as an artist professionally, I would be very much still satisfied just being able to make the music that I love whenever I want, and that's something no one can take away from any upcoming artist. OTB: What has been your favorite song you have produced so far? Party Thieves: I would say I really enjoyed making Chronos with Havok Roth. He is one of my best producer friends and I learned so much and so many techniques while producing that song with him for about 2 months or so. The results and feedback were amazing to top it off being supported by artist such as MakJ, Adventure Club, Firebeatz and many more. I was also a different direction from my usual would as a trap artist and was able to show some diversity stepping into electro house. OTB: What is your opinion on genres? Party Thieves: They exist because they need to. If genres didn't exist then fans or whomever wouldn't be able to classify which artist they like and why, or even what styles of music they want to discover. Short and simple, genres are necessary. OTB: You've just put out your remix of "Runaway" by Galantis, what went into producing that? Party Thieves: The first time I heard the track a few weeks ago I immediately loved it and knew I wanted to do something to it, so I made the remix that I put out yesterday (10/28) a week or so ago. I actually was never going to release the remix because there were a few solid remixes floating around and I was just saving it for my sets and sent it to a few buddies like Slander for their sets as well. My friend/ photographer Pete Don, informed me that there was a remix competition being held by Galantis for this track so I decided to just release it and not be so selfish. OTB: Who is your biggest music influence and why? Party Thieves: I don't think there is a single artist that has inspired me more than another. The culture of EDM itself has been the biggest influence for me these past few years. I listen to all types of artist all the way from classical, Erik Satie, to bigger artist such as ASAP Rocky and RL Grime. OTB: What can you tell us about your next track you are putting out? Party Thieves: I go track by track so I honestly don't know what track I will release next. But I will say that I have a collab with my good friends ATLiens that will definitely be the track to look out for soon. It's getting solid support from big names and being played out by UZ, as well Luminox dropped it at Tomorrowworld when I was there too. OTB: What has it been like collaborating with people like Instant Party!, Havok Roth and Chips x Ahoy just to name a few? Party Thieves: It's been fun, I love working with other artists because I always learn something new. Every artist is different so working with different creative minds really pushes me out of comfort zones. OTB: What is up next for Party Thieves? Party Thieves: 2015.