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Whiiite Exclusive Trap Tuesday Interview

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Madison Riccardi

We've seen a lot of awesome stuff coming from LA-based producer Chris White, aka Whiiite, and he's taken the dubstep world by storm with his music as well as his incredible cartoon-inspired alter ego (which, if you haven't read it on his Beatport bio, is AWESOME). I was lucky enough to interview Mr. Future1Hundred himself - let's see what he has to tell us! OTBWhat inspired you to start DJing/Producing? Whiiite: I've been a DJ basically my whole life since I was in high school. I was definitely the kid bringing my DJ setup to the cafeteria and DJing our school dances. I was a vinyl DJ and collector for years also, so both seemed like natural progressions for me. I loved music more then anything outside my family and that led to DJing and once I started DJing I wanted to create some music of my own to leave behind. OTB:  Why did you start CONTROL at Avalon Hollywood in LA? WhiiiteAnother sort of very organic situation... I started playing there as the resident DJ on Fridays opening for acts like Katy Perry and LMFAO before they got big... the people who were programming the night fell out and myself and my partner/manager Ryan Jaso asked if we could take over the programing and build a new brand night, and the Venue liked the idea. We came up with the name CONTROL...programmed the talent and lineups, did some creative marketing...for many years there I was designing the flyers and all the graphic marketing...and from that it grew into what it has become today. OTBWhat has it been like running CONTROL? Whiiite:  Honestly, one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not only to be able to get behind the people we really believe in and are fans, but also to have our stake in the scene here in LA. We get to back producers, DJs, bands before they really hit and I love that stage in an artist’s career. It’s a really exciting time being on the cusp of greatness. We had some amazing moments there. I love creating moments with great people. Our team at CONTROL is incredible also. Everyone is extremely good in their lane, like a strong basketball team. Everyone knows their part and just keeps getting better at it. If you'd like to come out to CONTROL this Friday (11/14/14) you can get your tickets HERE. Check out the lineup for this week (Autograf is blowing up, by the way!) 111414_avalon_lg   OTB: It seems like your motto is "Fuck Genres Make Music" what can you tell us about that? Whiiite: I love all music... I truly do... because I know what it takes to make music. I’m not snobby about my music in the slightest, but there is music I feel is being made for the wrong reason. People make a certain kind of music that they themselves really don't like, but they make it because it's popular and they think it fits in a certain place or will get them signed to a certain label... so it has to be "this genre" or "this style" as to categorize it. That I’m not into it... I think good music is good music. It transcends genres.
One of the first dudes who showed me my way around Ableton (My production software) was Skrillex... and with Skrillex maybe people would say "he was dubstep" but I think he's making Skrillex music. It's his own genre, his own sound...and he had something to say. That’s my favorite music that whether its through a beat, a vocal or a vibe somebody is saying something....REALLY saying something and that something is real.

"People make a certain kind of music that they themselves really don't like, but they make it because it's popular and they...will get them signed to a certain it has to be "this genre" or "this style"...I think good music is good music."

OTB: Do you think that living in Los Angeles has impacted the way you produce today? Whiiite: 1000% to be real, probably more then any other factor...LA has been my home for 12 years and all the things I’ve seen, people I’ve met, moments that have inspired me happened here. So this becomes my music. It’s as much a part of it as the sounds within.

OTB: Personally I love your Who Do You Love (Whiiite's Future1Hundred Remix) - what went into producing that?

Whiiite: That was a moment where I was driving heard and it on the radio and thought "I want to flip this for my sets." I grew up on hip hop and a lot of times I want to play these style and tunes in my set, but I don't want the energy to change from where I am, so I do my own remixes that work for my sets and if other people dig/play them also, then great!!

OTBWhat can you tell us about your "Whiiite Presents Halloween"? WhiiiteSo my manager texted me while I was in New York and he said "Are you going to your Halloween pack this year?" and I told him I didn't think I'd have enough time to put it together and was slammed with other stuff...but right after he texted me, I texted a few friends to see if they'd be into doing a Halloween Remix just to see if it could even work and so many of our good friends said they'd love to do it. Guys like Kennedy Jones, JauzPeacetreatyVictor NiglioEtc Etc; only issue was I'd need the tracks in like, a week, which for many producers is equivalent to "today" so I didn't think many would be able to finish in time, but everyone did! So impressed by these dudes for turning around such fun tunes so quickly. Really thankful to them for putting it together, because they all know what a fan of Halloween I am.   OTBWhat was it like collaborating with ETC! ETC!, Victor Niglio, PeaceTreaty, Jauz, Kennedy Jones, just to name a few? WhiiiteETC! ETC! is my dude. He and I have been working together for years now. Such a creative dude and he has a great attitude regarding music and the game. We have a remix together we did some months back of Luniz's "I got 5 on It" that I still hear on occasion on the hip hop radio stations here in LA. Victor is a king - love that dude and his story is crazy... Everything he has and everything he is going to do he earned himself. PeaceTreaty are my brothers...Literally we are like family... not only am I a fan of their music and always have been, I love them as people. Kennedy is one of the nicest and hardest working dudes in dance music. He is definitely one of the guys that his fans are down with him, its not just the music.. and Jauz is the next dude... I’d def say he's a guy to watch for in 2015; his sound is so rad. OTBWhat is up next for Whiiite? Whiiite: So much... Ill try to be brief :) -Tons of new music on the horizon... stuff that I can't wait to share with everyone out there -Issue #2 of the Whiiite graphic novel will be out in December -WhiiiteTours for 2015 -The Expansion of CONTROL party to a variety of cities...we started San Francisco last week -Lastly, the growth of my branding and design company here in LA, The Cult Creatives. We do creative branding for DJs, bands, creative individuals and companies