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RL Grime Presents Us with VOID

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Madison Riccardi

RL Grime has now finally released his debut studio LP, VOID. We've been waiting about just as long as the producer has, who's proud to release all of the hard work that he's been putting into this incredible album. Collaborating with artists from different genres and musical styles, the trap producer has done it again and we are definitely impressed! RL grime void Focusing on his tracks featuring other artists, the song “Danger" (feat. Boys Noize) is very reminiscent of the dark atmosphere that is in almost every Boys Noize song, yet it turns into a deep house track about halfway through (it's very well done). “Kingpin” is a hip hop/trap-infused track featuring some vocals by Big Sean. From "Core" to "Reminder" to "Scylla," there's a little bit for everyone in this album. RL Grime’s solo tracks in this album are amazing, and “Core” has to be the track that stands out the most. The very first single that RL Grime debuted after his announcement of this album, it features some of the best bass lines and 808 beats in the trap scene right now. This track is totally going to be featured on sets of other DJs due to the amazing drop. Meanwhile, the melancholic melodies of “Monsoon” combined with hard bass and even harder drops is a great track. The production has a continuous rhythm that hooks right from the first second. Site Zero/The Vault” contains some amazing drum n bass work as well. This track is more of a journey than just a simple listen, and it’s also the longest track in the album, being seven minutes and 44 seconds. The song unexpectedly transforms into a tense tone and crescendoing up to a peak, before ending on a calm note. The most interesting track on the album for me personally is “Let Go (Interlude).” It functions very literally as a sort of break that Grime uses to create some electronic tones and prepare people for the remainder of his album.  The final track on the album, “Golden State,” has a very glitch hop sound, and serves to create an inspiring ending to Grime’s debut album. RL Grime has created an album that features some classic trap beats, plays around with electronic music and covers so many genres. It features some great artists who come from different types of music. Overall, this is a fantastic debut that establishes RL Grime as a major player in the electronic dance music scene, and adds yet another name to the list of great artists to come out of Los Angeles. You can purchase VOID here, and trust me, there will be at least one song you like on this album so go ahead and support it! Which is your favorite track on the LP? Leave the title in the comments below!