Happy Trapsgiving (November 2014)

Happy Trapsgiving all you trap lovers! Alex Zimmerman and I have teamed up to give you a killer playlist of some great trap songs that were released in November! These playlists will be released on the last Tuesday of every month! These tracks are not in any specific order. 

We hope you enjoy November’s Trappy Tuesday Playlist! Run it!

 Happy Trapsgiving (November 2014) 

Lookas – Genesis

Madison: LooKas brought us another kick ass original and damn am I feeling this track. This track is a huge anthem and is going to be played a ton in 2015. It has those rattles and rolls that we all love in a good trap track.

Alex: LooKas continues to impress me with the quality of his tracks. I was hoping that “Loko” was not a fluke and clearly it is not. This track will see plenty of plays in sets across the genre.

Yellow Claw Feat. Lil Eddie – Never Dies (Gent & Jawns Remix)

Madison: I love this Yellow Claw track, but when I heard that they released the remix pack, I was so excited. I listened through the pack and I absolutely fell in love with this remix. Gent & Jawns killed this, it’s huge! They trapped the song out so well, look out for this one in Yellow Claw’s sets next year.

Alex: Gent & Jawns takes this massive original and gives it a deep bass rework that is perfect in all situations. Giving it a haunting buildup, Gent & Jawns drops an interesting melody as the bass beats underneath the melody. Straight head bobbing music here.

Calvin Harris & John Newman – Blame (R3hab Trap Remix)

Madison: I don’t think there is one Calvin Harris track that is bad. R3hab absolutely killed this remix, it’s so chill but it still has those killer trap drops we all love. This track is stunning and gives me the chills.

Alex: I’m blaming the song on the night. R3hab is back at it again with a trap remix of Calvin Harris’ tune “Blame.” The original has reached Dancing With The Stars status, and this remix done “for fun” is easily one of my favorites at the moment. R3hab adds amazing emotion to the lyrics only to let the feels overflow into the drop.

The Chainsmokers – KANYE (Instant Party! OG VIP Remix)

Madison: Once again proving why they are blowing up within the EDM scene, Instant Party! just killed the trap game. My mind is blown away by what Instant Party! did with this song. It’s just so great, words cannot describe it. I am willing to bet even The Chainsmokers are listening to it on repeat.

Alex: I bet this is playing on repeat in Kanye’s iPod. Kenny and Winson add in some deep bass and make this top 40 tune into a downright bass beater. That bass though!

Rae Sremmurd – No Type (Clinton Sparks Remix)

Madison: This intro is killer and just makes you want to listen to the whole thing. It has the perfect balance of highs and lows which makes this track a club banger. This drop dropped harder than my jaw when I heard it. Mr. Sparks is killin’ it. Get familiar bitches.

Alex: Clinton Sparks proves he has no type with this bass-filled remix. The original already had deep bass, but Clinton decided to drop it even lower and add a drop that can only be described as fire. Clinton Sparks better be on your radar.

Panic At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Kasum Remix)

Madison: Kasum trapped out a throwback alternative track and wow am I in love. This brings back so many memories from years ago. So melodic….it’s such a heavenly track. I would consider it Heaven Trap myself. Slander…take a listen to this one.

Alex: Just when you thought Panic! At the Disco had evaporated from memory, Kasum brings back their most famous track and gives it a trap remix that could be played at major festivals. I agree with Madison on this one, Slander may need to take a listen. It goes without saying that you should too.

Alesso – If I Lose Myself (Hargrave X JANET JACK’s SON Heaven Trap Remix)

Madison: I was very skeptical before I pressed play on this track because the original is my favorite song of all time. I had some pretty high expectations for this track….and wow did Hargrave and JANET JACK’s SON filled my expectations. This track is amazing! It’s a new favorite for sure.

Alex: Just like with “This is What it Feels Like” by Armin, I was waiting for this tune to receive the heaven trap edit. Hargrave and Janet Jack’s Son join to give this progressive tune the trap remix it deserves that can hold its own in the middle of a set.

Benny Benassi X Skrillex – Cinema (Riot Ten Trap Remix)

Madison: Fack man, Riot Ten is killing it on a classic track. I bet Skrillex is super proud of this one! Those classic trap sounds infused with some dog barks and a great drop. Trust me…take a listen.

Alex: Benny Benassi and Skrillex’s “Cinema” was and still is one of my favorite songs. While nothing can replace the original’s place in my heart, Riot Ten has made a case for best remix. He reworks the entire song into a trap banger that I can proudly say is my favorite trap remix of “Cinema.”

Slander & NGHTMRE – Ascension

Madison: This track is MIND BLOWING! I’ve been waiting so long for it to drop and it’s finally here. Slander is always creating huge tracks, this one included (my face is melting because of these filthy drops!). With DJ Snake supporting this track, be on the lookout for it in his sets.

Alex: I think we can officially count Slander as a famous duo now. Tomorrowworld loves them, DJ Snake loves them, festivals love them….and I love them. This song builds on itself and throws down one of the heaviest beats I’ve heard in awhile. You would be a fool to not enjoy this one.

Alesso – Heroes (Grandtheft Remix)

Madison: So many great remixes of this track have dropped this month, but we had to choose this one. It’s quite the banger with it’s house infused trap style. Absolutely living for this remix!

Alex: We had to include one of these here. Alesso’s track “Heroes” earned itself an entire album of remixes that are worth a listen. Grandtheft gives this progressive house tune the trap rework that will makes its rounds in sets across the globe. Do I sense a hint of heaven trap in there? This one is going on repeat.

Chuckie, Kronic & Krunk! – Vamanos (EFF3CTS Festival Trap Remix)

Madison: EFF3CTS at it again with another fantastic remix. When you listen to this, you better watch out because the drops will leave you with the David Guetta face. Lookout for this one at your next festival!

Alex: EFF3CTS continues to blow my mind with each new remix. This massive trap remix includes hints of “Express Yourself” as EFF3CTS gets the entire crowd into a trap mood. You better get ready for this one, Lil’ Jon gets turnt to this one.

Dillon Francis – Love In The Middle Of A Firefight (Planet Neutral Remix)

Madison: This track is so great and Planet Neutral just did it for fun! I really wish there was a download link because damn, this track is beautiful. It’s just so clean and perfect. I bet Dillon Francis will appreciate this one.

Alex: In case you needed something to rock as you travel for the holidays, Planet Neutral provides an excellent chill trap tune to bump on the road. The vocals sweep you off your feet as the bass takes you into outer space. Try not to close your eyes during this song, I dare you.

Alison Wonderland x Lido – Cold (Jailo Remix)

Madison: The original of this track is absolutely amazing and Jailo killed this remix. Trapped things up a bit and did a wonderful job. The vocals with the new trapish beat are amazing. Loving every single part.

Alex: To end things off, Jailo remixed Alison Wonderland and Lido’s track “Cold.” Alison’s haunting vocals reign supreme as Jailo quickens up the beat into a trap beat that is perfect for her voice. You know that song that you love to play while flying down the highway at 80 mph… yeah this is that tune.

This wraps up the Happy Trapsgiving Playlist! Thank you for tuning in and running the trap with us! Stay tuned for next month’s playlist!

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