Exclusive Trap Tuesday Interview: Zooly

Welcome to this week’s Trap Tuesday in which I interview Aaron Balver aka Zooly. Balver (Zooly) has dedicated his life to fine tuning his sound for today’s music industry. His production style is diverse and eclectic, leaving his listeners with feelings of energy, excitement and bliss. In the last few years, Zooly has become one of EDM’s most popular, yet underrated DJ/Producers in the game.

OTB: Who is Zooly?

Zooly: I’m a DJ and music producer hailing from Los Angeles, California.

OTB: What advice could you give to someone who wants to be a producer?

Zooly: I’d advise them to just go in on the beat. Do what you think is cool. It’s your vision on music, so show everyone your style.

OTB: Do you think growing up in Los Angeles has impacted the way you produce today?

Zooly: Most definitely. I grew up listening to west coast rap and a lot of the music that was produced in the 90’s & 2000’s really stuck with me to create styles that I’m influenced by today.

OTB: What has it been like getting support from LMFAO, UZ, TWRK and Luminox (just to name a few)?

Zooly: It’s a dream come true to get any support from the artists that you listen to and it motivates me keep doing what I love to do.

OTB: What has been your favorite track you have produced so far?

Zooly: My favorite produced track so far has been my bootleg of “Khia – My Neck My Back”. I just think it’s so bouncy and well put together as a different take on the original hit.

OTB: Who is your dream collab?

Zooly: There’s so many people I’d like to collaborate with but my first choice would have to be Pharell Williams.

OTB: What is up next for Zooly?

Zooly: I plan to release more singles, remixes, collaborations and mixes for all my fans. I’m excited to show them all the new stuff I’ve been working on.


So there you have it… Be on the look out for Zooly in 2015, but for now, check out some of his tracks below!

Gorilla Zoe – Hood Nigga (Zooly Remix) 


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