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Blitzen Is Coming For 2015

Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Madison Riccardi

You might be asking yourself, who is Blitzen? Mary Spohn, aka Blitzen, originally from North Hollywood, resides in Chicago where she is a student at Northwestern University.  Between studying film and music technology/audio engineering at Northwestern, the 21-year-old female manages to find the time to be a producer, DJ, sponsored glover for Emazing Lights and be on her school's fencing team. Mary started DJing in 2011, producing in 2013... and by now you're probably thinking, how does she handle all of these things on her plate?  Well, since I was lucky enough to interview her, I'll let her do the rest of the talking.   OTB: How did Blitzen come about? Blitzen: I definitely got the majority of the support I have now for my music from my amazing fans who have followed my gloving career with Emazing Lights. I got sponsored by Emazing in 2010 and began making gloving videos for them featuring their products. As one of the few female faces at the time representing them, my videos began to go viral within the gloving community and I began to pick up a following with the rave scene in LA. I am so fortunate that Emazing found me. They have given me so many opportunities from traveling me to EDM festivals across the country to still giving me opportunities to debut some of their new products. When I moved out to Chicago to attend Northwestern University, I really began to pursue producing music. I played many instruments growing up and having synesthesia (sound to color) only really pushed me to get more involved in the EDM scene that had already given so much back to me. At Northwestern, I finally had access to all the software and studios I needed to get started so I just would get any opportunities I had to teach myself and learn. The rest is history. OTBDo you think growing up in Los Angeles impacted the way you produce? BlitzenLos Angeles is definitely where my journey will start and end for sure, but so much of my influence is from Chicago. So much of my style and ear comes from the people and experiences I have here in Chicago. The music scene is a lot smaller in Chicago then it is in Los Angeles, but it is still a very rich environment and I actually benefited from the small scene and networking. OTBWhat is your opinion on genres? BlitzenI think that the idea of genres seemed more appealing when I was first starting. The desire to fit a mold and have a sound but I soon learned that your “sound” and “genre” are two entirely different things. I think that a lot of that comes from aspiring to be like the producer that is your role model. No one should strive to fit a genre but strive to develop their unique sound. Genres confine you to a space and can inhibit you from pushing yourself to find your full potential. OTBBiggest music influences? BlitzenThis is constantly a changing for me. Right now I am struck on Manila Killa and LUMBERJVCK. Especially LUMBEJVCK. He hasn’t influenced the type of music I have been making but I have so much respect for him. Just such a talented and down to earth guy. I had the pleasure of doing a featured gloving video for Emazing using one of his tracks which he was definitely stoked about. He is just making some really creative stuff and starting to develop to his own sound very nicely. Expect huge things from him.   OTBDream collab? BlitzenI would love to work on something with either Manila Killa or Sevnth Wonder. I literally cannot find one track of theirs that I don’t like. They really just find the perfect way to cool down lyrics to some of their remixes and bring a whole new meaning to the words. OTBWould you say that you have a set "style" of music you produce? BlitzenMy style is taking a new direction and meaning to common samples and forcing people to really critically think about something or just have fun listening to it. A lot of my original stuff recently is very experimental though and heavy on the processing. I love to just get hands on in very heavy processing softwares and just create some funky sounds. Although, I definitely find myself being pulled to R&B tracks if I am working on a remix. Those usually are a lot of fun to just go at and pull apart.   OTBBiggest inspiration non musical? BlitzenMy parents are my biggest inspiration. They always have been and always will be. They really have taught me how to just pursue and go after what I want and they have supported me in any endeavour of mine. They are my biggest fans. OTBWhat's next for Blitzen? BlitzenAt the end of the school year I will be moving back to LA after I graduate from Northwestern. I am so excited to just get back to LA and devote even more time to my music. I have learned so much in Chicago and am ready to hopefully grow more back in LA. Here is a short clip of Blitzen, with a little message to her supporters.