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Trappy Tuesday Best Of 2014 Playlist

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Hey all you trap lovers! I hope you all had a great Holiday! Alex Zimmerman and I have teamed up to give you a killer playlist of some great trap songs that were released in 2014! These playlists are released on the last Tuesday of every month! These tracks are not in any specific order. We hope you enjoy the Best Of 2014 Trappy Tuesday Playlist! Run it! Showtek - We Like to Party (Slander & NGHTMRE Festival Trap Edit) Madison: Slander and NGHTMRE have absolutely killed it this year, and when they came out with this track in the beginning, it was fire and now almost a year later it is still relevant and being played out by huge producers. Needless to say, this was a huge track this year. Congrats guys! Alex: 2014 was Slander’s breakout year. Performing at Nocturnal Wonderland grew into officially remixing the TomorrowWorld anthem along with playing there. NGHTMRE has been hot on the heels of Slander joining the duo for many tunes including this monster. In the words of Showtek, “We Like to Party.” The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE (Creaky Jackals Festival Trap Remix) Madison: As all of us know #Selfie was a huge tracks that The Chainsmokers put out this year and we all got tired of it really quick, but I've got to admit I still sing along when the song comes on the radio. This trapped out Creaky Jackals festival remix is huge, and I heard it everywhere this year. Congrats man on a huge track! Alex: #Selfie crushed charts and hearts alike as it hit the radio with mixed reviews. Regardless of your thoughts on the original, Creaky Jackals flipped the track into a festival trap remix that might make you forget about the “basic” white girl lyrics with a bass-filled melody. In case you hadn’t heard the song enough, here’s another remix. Snails - Dirty Raxxx ft. Panther Madison: When you hear a Snails track, you automatically know it's Snails because of that filthy beat. This track has that filthy beat, and Panther kills the rap game with this one. Pregame song for sure! Alex: This was the first track of Snails that I had heard and after it received plays from Skrillex, everyone was introduced to this trap monster. Panther fills the tune with some dirty rap lyrics while Snails smashes subwoofers with a deep bass beat that will murder any crowd listening to it. 2014 was huge for Snails, and I see 2015 being another huge year for him. RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me Madison: Producer duo What So Not (Flume & Emoh Instead) combined their talents with the trap and bass of RL Grime to create this masterpiece. WSN start off with a soothing build similar like the sounds in "Touched" & "Jaguar" before RL Grime kills the drop with bass. You can’t pass this track up, especially with a free download. Alex: RL Grime continues to be on the top of everybody’s mind in 2014 as he partnered with What So Not to provide every trap lover with a beat to die for. This song has received so many plays on SoundCloud (6.7 million) and in live sets that everyone knows it.  Many artists have masterfully mixed it with other tunes live that sends the crowd into a craze. Press play and enjoy one of the best trap songs in 2014. Sage the Gemini - Gas Pedal (Vestige Remix) Madison: The first thing I noticed in this remix was the slowed down tempo. It completely morphs the track from a sexy club hit into an entity that would light up a stadium with a rapidly firing kick drum. Vestige made this remix his own, and killed it while doing so. Alex: Sage the Gemini had a hit on his hands with Gas Pedal. It was played at every club and found its way onto many iPods throughout the country. Vestige decided the track needed a trap remix and delivered this club ready remix. Big bass with the lyrics turned this club anthem into a huge twerk anthem that still delivers to this day. Kaskade - Atmosphere (Instant Party! Remix) Madison: I think we can all agree, everyone loves Kaskade. We all get the chills when we hear his tracks. And while I’m sure you’ve heard so many of remixes of this track, this is one that a trapaholic will love. This "Festival Remix" hits you in all the right places. Kenny, you’re quite the amazing producer. Alex: Finally we get to an Instant Party! tune. This track immediately put the then-duo now solo artist on the map for stardom. The feels fill this tune as Kenny inserts a trap beat that sends chills down my body. Try to not get the chills during the drop, I triple-dog dare you! Trust me, it doesn’t work. Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) (Black Boots Remix) Madison: Las Vegas natives Black Boots dared to extend the playability of UK producer Duke Dumont's massive summertime hit "Need U 100%". Keeping the house vibe and amazing vocals provided by A*M*E*, the duo infused a smooth future bass addition with hints of trap into the remix and had me feeling all of the feels. Alex: Black Boots… I Need U, 100% of the time. The chilling vocals get a future bass rework that works great at any point in the day. You need a tune to drive to work? Play this. You need something in the afternoon to fill that bass need? Play this. Need a tune to enjoy some stargazing with your closest friends? Play this. Lookas - Loko Madison: Lookas hit us with his first original earlier this year, and it was such a crazy track that the track name fits it perfectly. This free download is packed with some heavy trap with a bit of that big room vibe on top of a some hard-hitting bass. Alex: Lookas was another artist to make a breakthrough in 2014. "Loko" received plays across the festival circuit this year, and it’s no surprise why. The bass is massive in this track, and Lookas continues this in his other tracks. This tune fits perfectly in any set or playlist. I can’t wait for what he has in store for 2015. Schoolboy Q - Studio (Grandtheft Remix) Madison: With SchoolBoy Q’s “Studio” being one of the hottest R&B/Hip-Hop songs of the summer, it was only a matter of time before someone would step up to the plate and put their own spin on the tune. Grandtheft made an epic remix murdered while doing so. Alex: Schoolboy Q mastered the bedroom bass with "Studio" as Grandtheft gave it a bed-squeaker remix filled with bass and the best parts from the original. Grandtheft continues to show his prowess as a DJ with every song he touches, including this one. JayCeeoh & Made Monster - Go Harder 2.0 Madison: This massive collaboration with JayCeeoh and Made Monster is huge. Both elements of house and trap exist in this track, but once this one drops it takes you straight to the trap. For your safety and the safety of those around you...please watch your elbows. #TRAPARMS Alex: JayCeeoh jumped into my view with this tune and now I can’t get enough of him. The first drop is MASSIVE with low bass that headphones don’t do it justice. This one is meant to be played loud and dirty as JayCeeoh and Made Monster make everybody "Go Harder". Foster The People - Best Friend (Jai Wolf x AObeats Remix) Madison: Let me introduce you to your new best friends, Jai Wolf and AObeats. Keeping the vocals, Jai Wolf and AObeats get cuddly with the original and add some bed squeaks with a array of stunning beats. To prove their friendship, they’re giving you this incredible remix for free. So don’t be a bad friend, check out this track! Alex: Jai Wolf has been on a meteoric rise this year, creating remixes that have been grabbing alot of attention from high-profile artists. He joins AObeats for this remix of Foster The People’s "Best Friend", and let me tell you, this song will become your new best friend. Who needs people when you can listen to this 24/7? This song will never leave nor hurt you, all the while not costing a dime. I found my new best friend… have you? Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga (Dotcom Retwerk) Madison: Everyone is well aware of Bobby Shmurda’s "Hot Nigga". We are also aware of how dope it is, but now Dotcom has provided a retwerk that’s will have you questioning your existence. Dotcom does it again, taking on yet another hip-hop banger and taking energy WAY up to crush the EDM world. Alex: Dotcom may be white, but he proves he’s a "Hot Nigga" with this massive trap retwerk to the original. Move over "CoCo", this track beats harder than you. Who needs Bacon Soda when Dotcom kills it with every track he touches? Twerk Team… Assemble!! Gladpvck - Nagano (Party Thieves Trap Remix) Madison: One of my favorite trap producers come at us with some heat earlier this year. The super quartet GLADPVCK, consisting of LOUDPVCK + gLAdiator, dropped a festival destroyer, so inevitably a trap remix was on the way. Cue Party Thieves, who has caused a ruckus this year with his tracks of “Pompeii”, “No Heroes”, and “Payback”. The New York producer’s version of “Nagano” is no different, even throwing in some humorous samples to keep you entertained throughout. Alex: GLADPVCK, a combo of LOUDPVCK and gLAdiator, dropped an unusual track with "Nagano". The original had a house beat that was accentuated with sounds that are usually meant for the trappiest of trap. Party Thieves, the artist behind some amazing remixes like Madison said, took this tune to another level with some heavy bass and some well-known samples that make this song a great addition to any set. Kstylis - Trampoline Booty (Aylen Remix) Madison: Aylen’s remix of Kstylis’ “Trampoline Booty” completely revamps the original song with some smooth synths and an absolutely breathtaking bassline making this a jam that just calls for massive booty twerking. Better get to stretching. Alex: When I saw this Aylen remix, I was fully expecting a progressive house/trap mix and boy was I wrong. Aylen dropped the beat with heavy trap bass that is reserved for the heaviest of sets. I didn’t think he knew that subwoofers could get this low, but alas I was proven wrong. While I haven’t heard this anywhere, this should make its rounds through every trap lord’s sets. Armin Van Buuren - This is What It Feels Like (EFF3CTS Heaven Trap Edit) Madison: Since the creation of "heaven trap" by Slander, many producers have taken a stab at it, but EFF3CTS succeeded. They brought the feels on this one. EFF3CTS hopped on to the very well-known "heaven trap" subgenre, and they killed it. Just like Alex said, I could listen to this all damn day. Alex: 2014 brought about the creation of "heaven trap" courtesy of Slander, and now artists have been flooding the market with this new subgenre. It was only a matter of time before someone took this Armin track and turned it into heaven. Try not to cry during this tune, it will be tough. I could listen to this all day. Y’all Ready For This {Space Jam} (PhatCap! Trap Remix) Madison: This track makes me want to get up and dance. Personally, I think they should remake this movie and use this track because this is pure fire. Get your extinguishers ready because your room is about to get burnt down. Alex: With basketball season in full swing, Space Jam continues to be one of everybody’s favorite movies. I had been looking for a good remix of any basketball tunes, and PhatCap! happened to make one of my favorite remixes to date. Big bass underline the Space Jam anthem as he keeps the melody intact to get everybody grooving. What a jam! Flosstradamus - TTU (Too Turnt Up) [Ft. Waka Flocka Flame] Madison: If there’s any debate still as to who exactly are the "turn up kings", that debate is finished NOW. Chicago’s own HDYBYZ leaders Flosstradamus are crowned. With Waka on the rap, this track kills the game. Curt and Josh always kill the trap game with any track they put out, but man did they murder with this track. With this track being featured in 22 Jump Street, I think it’s safe to say Floss are the kings. Beware of the HDYBYZ and HDYGRLZ. Alex: Have you ever been too turnt up? If you haven’t, you may want to attend a Flosstradamus concert. They continue to turn up, and in the words of Waka Flocka, they are “too turnt up that they can’t turn down.” This track fills that spot when you need to turn up to a different level. How many times can I say turnt u9p? Not enough for this tune. Dirty Heads - My Sweet Summer (Borgeous Remix) Madison: This is a surprising step outside of the box from what we've seen from producer responsible for "TSUNAMI" and "Invincible" among other HUGE house hits. Borgeous blended the elements of festival trap, electro and big room house to completely flip the original song upside down, and made it ready to shut down clubs and festivals across the globe. The song has quite the spectrum going, from the smooth vocals to buildups and drops for a combination that will have your head banging like crazy. Alex: We had to include this one because it is a monster. The Dirty Heads original was a smooth California style rock song proclaiming that their summer was gone. The LA native Borgeous took this groovy original and yes, I’m gonna say it again, turned it into a monster. This tune is perfect for those massive moments in sets when you need a tune to get down to. If you weren’t sure how big of a party animal Borgeous was, this tune surely proves that point. Only 6 months until summer! Aerochord & GAWTBASS - Secret Madison: Areochord + GAWTBASS = MADNESS! This song is so smooth, but still has so much fire! I’m really digging this track, and I really just want to know what the "Secret" is already! Please tell me! Alex: This tune instantly became one of my favorites when I first heard it. Aerochord & GAWTBASS deliver some massive bass and a heavy beat that catches everyone by surprise because of the opening piano melody. A highly technical tune filled with quick changes in sound, rumbling bass and some mighty fine production skills make this an easy pick for top trap tracks of the year. Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Party Favor Remix) Madison: It feels like just yesterday, Party Favor was putting together mashups for promo. Now, almost two years later, the Mad Decent powerhouse and twerk pioneer gets some of the widest visibility out there - and it's pretty well-deserved if you ask me. If you're going to any festivals in early 2015, I guarantee this one will make the crowd go off. Alex: I’m just gonna say it, this shit goes so hard. Party Favor drops the bass so low in this tune that it needs a massive sub to get the full effect. Every party needs some favors. Luckily all you have to do is bring his tracks to the party and everyone will be twerking away. 2015 is going to be huge for Party Favor. Alesso - Heroes (Grandtheft Remix) Madison: So many great remixes of this track have dropped this year, but we had to choose this one. It’s quite the banger with its house-infused trap style. Absolutely living for this remix! Alex: After Grandtheft joined Diplo for a festival-ready remix of “Summer”, it was only a matter of time before Grandtheft struck gold again. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait very long. He took Alesso’s radio hit “Heroes” and gave it a set-ready trap remix. Containing the popular buildup, Grandtheft gives it a smooth trap beat that will fit in almost any set out there these days. Slander & NGHTMRE - Ascension Madison: We meet again with Slander and NGHTMRE. This track is MIND BLOWING! Slander and NGHTMRE have absolutely murdered this year and are creating huge tracks, this one included (my face is melting because of these filthy drops!). With DJ Snake supporting this track, be on the lookout for it in his sets. Alex: Madison and I had a huge discussion over this playlist and whether we should include more than one song by an artist. As we were putting together this list though, Slander & NGHTMRE couldn’t not be on this list more than once. Both of these artists are at the top of the game right now, and this tune explains the meteoric rise we have seen of them both. Starting from quiet beginnings, this track builds into one of the biggest tunes of the year besides “Tremor.” I heard this live for the first time at LAN, and oh my lord the bass. It shook the entire crowd and building to the ground. Just MASSIVE! Dillon Francis + Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Chain Gang of 1974 - When We Were Young (Valentino Khan Remix) Madison: This remix from Valentino Khan is HUGE. That bass and drop is so great. I have a feeling that Dillon will for sure be playing this on his tour and the crowd will react amazingly. This remix is so good, I don’t remember what I was doing before I listened to it! I suggest you guys take a listen to it and be sure to write down what you were doing before! Alex: Dillon Francis’ album was filled with huge concert bangers, no questions asked. “When We Were Young” was probably the top track to be remixed off the album with the likes of Grandtheft, Zomboy, Vicetone, Pierce Fulton and Steve James all having a hand at it. Although each of these remixes are good in their own right, Valentino Khan delivered a monster remix of this tune that needs to be heard on those 5-foot subs that line every stage. The drop is one of the best I've heard in a minute, and it's sure to be heard across plenty of stages. Who needs money these days when you can grab this tune for free? When the bass drops get your bassface ready. Steve Aoki - Rage the Night Away feat. Waka Flocka Flame (Flosstradamus Remix) Madison: I can’t think of anyone else I would want remixing a track called "Rage The Night Away" more than Chicago’s very own Flosstradamus. The HDYBYZ give this a heavier vibe with classic hard hitting trap 808s and hi-hats plus a drop that’ll have you turning up in no time. Alex: If you heard a track called “Rage the Night Away”, who do you think would be on the track? I couldn't think of three better names other than Steve Aoki, Waka Flocka Flame, and Flosstradamus. These three artists sure do know how to rage, and rage they do. You need something to rage too? Put this one on, and you will definitely rage the night away. You’re welcome.   Trappy Tuesdays showcases a killer sampling of fresh trap songs, and is released on the last Tuesday of the month. Run it! Check out ALL Trap Tuesdays here: