Chips Ahoy… More Like Clips X Ahoy [Interview]

Ronald Villamizar, better know as Clips X Ahoy in the EDM world, is a 24-year-old DJ/Producer from Miami, FL. Clips doesn’t feel the need to pigeonhole himself into one genre, so he says fuk ’em, producing tracks ranging from rap to house.

OTB: How did the name Clips X Ahoy come about?

Clips X Ahoy: Okay so I get a call from Hype Turner who was at Walmart and he was standing in front of a stack of Chips Ahoy cookies, and he jokingly says, “you should call yourself Clips Ahoy.” After a couple of weeks, I couldn’t come up with a name, so I decided to go with it.

OTB: When did you start DJing/Producing?

Clips X Ahoy: I started DJing around when I was 17. I was a open format DJ in the Miami club scene for years, then I slowly started focusing on more and more on producing and here we are today.

OTB: Do you think growing up in Miami has helped for your sound?

Clips X Ahoy: Absolutely!!! Miami is such a melting pot of different cultures I feel like growing up here has made me appreciate all genres of music so much more.

OTB: What do you think the best moment of 2014 was for you personally?

Clips X Ahoy: It definitely has to be seeing Carnage play my remix in my Hometown at Ultra Music Festival.

OTB: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Clips X Ahoy: I would probably say Timbaland and Diplo. They both have their own unique sound and have set trends throughout the years

OTB: What has it been like working with so many different producers on your Loaded Podcast?

Clips X Ahoy: It’s been cool to have all my friends come on the podcast and showcase their music and mixing skills. I try to help out my fellow producer friends as much as I can, figured this was a great platform.

OTB: What was your favorite track you put out in 2014?

Clips X Ahoy: It would have to be Throwed” with Hype Turner and Lemony Snickettes. The whole process of making the track was really fun.

OTB: Who is your biggest non-musical inspiration?

Clips X Ahoy: Without a doubt, my mom. She is a hard working woman and always taught me anything in the world is possible with hard work, faith and dedication.

OTB: Plans for 2015?

Clips X Ahoy: Well first off I have an EP with Hype Turner titled “Dirty Tropics”. I also have collabs with various artist like ATLiens and Janpier. I want to expand my horizons this year, so you will hear everything from rap songs to future house produced by me.


Clips X Ahoy Soundcloud

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