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A Year Of Originals For GoodTimeMiller (Interview)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Madison Riccardi

Genre blending has always been at the core for GoodTimeMiller, the 20-year-old DJ/Producer from Phoenix, AZ. With only a year of production and DJ’ing under his belt, he has rapidly made a name for himself, especially in the past few months. The young star has been turning in some big, unique original songs (as well as and remixes) showing his talents lie not only in Trap, but also Bigroom and Future House. His euphoric originals and viral remixes seamlessly weave in-and-out of several musical categories, staying true to his creed: “music has no boundaries." The young artist may have "good" in his name but "great" is what his future holds; receiving recognition from many artists such as DOTCOM, ApeDrums and Skellism thus far. OTB: How did the name GoodTimeMiller come about? GoodTimeMiller: GoodTimeMiller was born when I was in High School a couple years ago, my best friends just started calling me it and it has stuck ever since! I want my name to be something that I can represent and having a good time is something I can stand up for! OTB: When did you start DJing/Producing? GoodTimeMiller: I started this whole journey after my first music festival which was Hard Summer 2013, I went not knowing a single DJ, but more for the experience, I ended up coming home, buying myself a basic beginner Numark mixer and Logic Pro. I've come along way from then Im currently spinning on CDJ’s and use Ableton Live 9 for all my production. OTB: Dream collaboration? GoodTimeMiller: I would have to say my dream collaboration would be Dillon Francis. He is the first DJ I fully dived into and I can still to this day remember seeing him for the first time at Hard Summer 2013. Overall he is an amazing entertainer and I have always looked up to him as an artist and a person. OTB: Do you think growing up in AZ has helped for your sound? GoodTimeMiller: I don’t know if Arizona has had any affect on my sound, but it has made me super determined to grow the scene out here, and show this state what the music and culture is all about! It’s growing slowly but surely out here in the desert and its great to see more and more promoters bringing artists out! OTB: What is your favorite track you have put out so far? GoodTimeMiller: It's way to hard to say which of my tracks is my favorite, I’ve put so much love, effort, time, and practice into growing my craft and songs as an artist and I’m constantly learning stuff everyday! So to choose one would be unfair, I can say however that the best is yet to come and 2015 is full of big tracks to come. OTB: Who are your biggest musical GoodTimeMiller: One that instantly comes to mind is Dillon Francis, his story about how he dropped out of College and his parents gave him two years to achieve his dreams as a Producer inspires me everyday to learn and get better. Also a little different from my trap roots, I really look up to Gesaffelstein. He sticks to his true sound and style and I think that’s important for artists to respect where they came from! Damn I almost forgot about my boy Carnage too, his EDC documentary is life changing and really is a statement for all aspiring producers that anything can happen! OTB: Dream festival to play at? GoodTimeMiller: I think most producers would say EDC, Ultra, Tomorrow Land or etc., but every time I think about playing a show like that the first thing that comes to mind is Hard Summer. Gary Richards is a genius in this industry, and is always growing himself as an artist and a company in HardFest. I would love to play the show and festival that brought me into this scene and started me on this journey I am on today! OTB: If you could open on anyones tour who would you pick and why? GoodTimeMiller: I would have to say Carnage or Borgore. Both artists have aggressive styles and live sets, which I would like to think I have also! Im not afraid to drop a Festival Trap Track, into Hardstyle, Then Deep House etc., and so are they! I would love to see how they prepare for shows and what their day to lives are like! OTB: Who is your biggest non-musical inspiration? GoodTimeMiller: My Mother! She has supported me throughout this whole journey even though at first she didn’t understand what or how I was going to pull it off! But slowly the pieces are coming together and theres nothing I love more then making her proud! OTB: Plans for 2015? GoodTimeMiller: Getting my first out of state show March 14th in Sacremento, California for Get Lucky 2. I'm super excited to see how a crowd outside of my state reacts to my sets and im excited to share all this new music! It's gonna be a year of originals I cant say on what labels quite yet but soon! I've made a name for myself with my remixes, and this year I want to prove myself as a true artist and gain respect from some of the guys who have been doing this a lot longer than me!

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