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OTB's February Trap Playlist Has All the Love You Need

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Madison Riccardi

We are back again for another month’s worth of the greatest trap music released. After a massive January, we were worried February might be a tad slow, boy were we wrong. This month continues the trend of massive tunes as 2015 hits its stride. If you haven’t checked out our January playlist, check it out now. Related: Happy Trappy New Year Playlist  This month Alex and I have a 29 song playlist for you to enjoy, and that’s after cutting 9 songs off the list. Filled with tunes from the trap greats Flosstradamus, Zeelaa, Slander, Instant Party!, Grandtheft, Dotcom and Crystalize, we also added in some Jaykode, Havok Roth, GoodTimeMiller, Onderkoffer, Antics along with others. Check out the playlist below and check out all the artists on their respective pages. Enjoy! Liza Flume - What We Called Love (Jaykode Remix) Alex: What a way to start off February. The month of love starts off with a massive remix from Jaykode. This is what I call love. Madison: Jaykode killing the trap game once again and bringing the feels with an incredible remix of a great Liza Flume song. What a way to start out the playlist! Havok Roth & Nth Wonder - Firestarter Alex: Most trap tracks these days follow the similar formula of 2 drops with a bridge in the middle. Havok Roth and Nth Wonder decided to take it to the next level with “Firestarter” as they implanted 4 drops into this monster. Keep your ears open for the 2nd and 4th, those beats are huge. Madison: Well well well, Havok Roth and Nth Wonder teaming up to give our ears a masterpiece. Exactly what Alex said, give this one a real good couple of listens. Lukav - Clack Alex: Lukav originally wrote this tune on a flight to Cuba and decided to drop it to the world this month. Beware, this tune might shatter your mind, or worse, your computer. Madison: Lukav giving us a huge track. With this track it’s crazy that he made it on a flight to Cuba, I could just imagine what was going through his head at the time… Dotcom - Harder Alex: Score another one for the Philadelphia native. Dotcom continues to smash speakers and our minds with the best trap. “Harder” is no different. There’s a reason he has over 100K followers on SoundCloud, this is why. Madison: I can already tell that this is going to be one hell of year for Dotcom, Harder is exactly that, it’s harder than the rest. I cannot wait for the Party Thieves and Dotcom collab. GoodTimeMiller - ShootOut Alex: There aren't many words I can say about this song. Just press play, download it and turn the bass up to 11. You won’t be disappointed. I like turtles (see if you can guess that reference) Madison: I actually just recently got the chance to interview GoodTimeMiller and this new track ShootOut is really getting him out there. Just wait guys 2015 is going to be a great one for GoodTimeMiller. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Niggas in Paris (Onderkoffer Remix) Alex: Onderkoffer decided to ball so hard, that he remixed one of the all time party greats. Most people can’t pull it off and yet, he gets it perfect. Just when you thought the song was gone, it comes back. Madison: Ball so hard bruh. Onderkoffer really brought the heat with this huge remix. Kanye go ahead and get down with this one. Riggi & Piros - Bang (Zeelaa Trap Remix) Alex: Zeelaa is back with another banger, this time of “Bang” by Riggi & Piros. Uplifting progressive buildup with a monster trap beat, I’m sold. Madison: Just like Alex said, Zeelaa is back with another banger and this remix has got some killer samples and some hard hitting bass. Kid you are gonna go far. Lookas - Samurai (EFF3CTS Remix) Alex: Everybody and their mom was in love with Lookas’ track “Samurai” that they decided to make a remix competition of the track. EFF3CTS took the track, sped it up and planted some massive bass into the original. Enjoy! Madison: First off I would just like to say congrats to EFF3CTS for placing 2nd in the remix competition. They did some crazy shit with the bass in this track and needless to say, I am in love with it. Adventure Club - Wonder ft. Kite String Triangle (Splitbreed Hijack Remix) Alex: When “Wonder” was dropped, everybody fell in love with it. Splitbreed heard it and decided to hijack the track implanting some amazing rap lyrics and some bass into the softer original. Instant playability. Madison: Damn does this song bring out the feels. I was a huge fan of the original and now I’m an even bigger fan of this hijack remix. Keep it up because this shit is FIRE! Leaf - Hucci Alex: Hucci is a new sound to my ears and boy have I been missing out. With his new album 404, he displays his skill at creating some excellent beats to escape with. Madison: Guys he is back. Hucci is back and bigger than ever before in my opinion. A long time ago Hucci released a clip of this track and I am so glad it is finally out. Dillon Francis feat. Major Lazer and Stylo G - We Make It Bounce (Antics Remix) Alex: Dillon Francis’ tune has received plenty of remixes and now we have a nice trap mix to add to the bunch. Antics adds a nice bass beat to the drop that fits perfectly. I can hear this being played everywhere soon. Madison: Now this is what I call a remix because this totally changed the feel of the whole song and I am all about it. This remix for sure makes me want to bounce. Hucci - Wings (Titus Remix) Alex: Obviously we weren't the only people who enjoyed Hucci’s album 404 as Titus remixes “Wings.” Amazing rap lyrics play over the monster bass in this trap heater. Madison: Titus is also a fan of Hucci as we can tell with this amazing remix. 404 is an incredible album and we can see that even other producers are even a fan. Major Lazer - Aerosol Can ft. Pharrell Williams (Instant Party! Remix) Alex: I really feel for Kenny. Dealing with copyright infringement, Instant Party! has had his SoundCloud deleted again. Though his relationship with SoundCloud is strained to say the least, he still releases powerful tunes such as this remix of Major Lazer’s “Aerosol Can.” I’m digging the vibe of this one. Madison: Instant Party! once again absolutely killing the trap game with another remix. I wasn’t a fan of the original but damn do I love this remix. Grandtheft & Lambo - Butterscotch Alex: This song took a couple listens to enjoy it but now I can’t get enough of it. Grandtheft partnered with Lambo to create a great trap beat with some nice trumpet sounds. My favorite type of lady is definitely “Butterscotch.” Madison: Grandtheft and Lambo collab to give us one hell of a collab. With the amazing trumpet sounds it just give it that perfect touch. E.A.S.Y. - Come Around Again Alex: I’ve been following E.A.S.Y. since their inception and they continue to amaze me. They love to show off their live performances of their tunes, including this one. This is such a good beat. Enjoy the video below also. Keep your eyes and ears out for this duo. Madison: Alex introduced me to E.A.S.Y. and needless to say I am in love with this track. With such a great beat you can never go wrong. The video is killer as well. Check out the video as well! Flosstradamus & TroyBoi - SoundClash Alex: Did you really think we could get through the playlist without adding in Flosstradamus’ new tune? Think again. The trap gods are back in the new beat “SoundClash.” Madison: I had been waiting for this Flosstradamus and TroyBoi collab for a while now and damn, I am so glad it is finally out. This beat is so hard. We couldn't resist. Bogdan Vix - Stella Maris (Zeelaa Heaven Trap Edit) Alex: After “Bang” Zeelaa decided to treat us with another remix, this time a Heaven Trap edit of Bogdan Vix’s “Stella Maris.” Such a smooth edit. Madison: So um uh, feels to the max on this one. I love this original by Bogdan Vix and wow Zeelaa sure killed it on this remix. Once again, I bet Slander would be proud that producers like Zeelaa are killing these remixes. #HeavenTrance KDrew - Tonight (GRMM Remix) Alex: GRMM took KDrew’s original “Tonight” and gave it a smooth, chilled out trap remix that has me sprouting goosebumps all over. Late-night jam seshes will never be the same. Madison: GRMM back at it again and damn is it better than ever. Giving off that chill trap vibe, I just love it so much. Oh Wonder - The Rain (Myles Travitz & Almond Remix) Alex: Following “Tonight” is a chilled out trap remix of “The Rain” provided by Myles Travitz & Almond. The feels are present in this one. Play this one out when the next rain storm heads your way. Madison: When Oh Wonder first starting releasing songs I automatically fell in love with that band. I knew so many producers were going to remix their tracks because I mean how could you not! Myles Travitz and Almond did such an amazing job on this remix and brought out all the chill trap feelz. NGHTMRE & Slander - Warning Alex: To prepare us for a massive 2015, Slander & NGHTMRE teamed up again to bring us a “Warning” about their new EP. This EP is going to be huge, “Warning” is only the beginning. Madison: This track has Slander and NGHTMRE's sound all over it. The heavy bass progresses along with some amazing synth work that is sure to make any trapahoilic go crazy. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the EP after hearing the absolute fire that is “Warning". Tom Swoon & StadiumX - Ghost (LZRD Remix) Alex: If you haven’t checked out Madison’s interview with LZRD, you are missing out. This remix is top-notch and will find a place in anybody’s music library. These guys are going to be huge, just you wait. Madison: LZRD on the Ghost remix, pure gold. Welcome to the jungle bitch. That is all. Alesso - Heroes (Blvk Sheep Trap Remix) Alex: This song has more remixes than Levels I swear, but I’m not complaining. Every single one of them is high quality, including this trap remix by Blvk Sheep. Turn this up to 11 and sing out like no one is listening. Madison: Feeeeelllz bruh. Wow Blvk Sheep doin' it up in the trap world. I just am really feeling this track guys. I bet you will as well. Huge banger right here. Slander - Vanguard (SayMyName Remix) Alex: After “Vanguard” saw huge success, it was only a matter of time before someone remixed it. Enter in SayMyName who flipped the track into a massive trap banger that has a hint of Flosstradamus in it. This thing is huge. Madison: First I would like to say the 808 in this is BEAUTIFUL. This is some true trao right here. I would love to hear what Slander thinks because I think this is a huge banger. Lazy Boys - Falling Alex: Let me tell you, this song is not lazy. The Lazy Boys create a powerful trap tune in “Falling” that will have you pressing replay on this one. Still don’t believe me? You must not have good hearing. Madison: I heard this track a couple months ago and when I first heard it I loved it. 1/2 of the Lazy Boys showed it to me and my opinion still stands. This duo is going to be huge. I cannot wait to hear what will be next from the Lazy Boys. OG Maco - U Guessed It (Corporate Slackrs & Eric Rush Remix) Alex: Everybody knows the original and now we get a bass-boosted remix that will shatter speakers everywhere. This “U Guessed It” remix has been one of my top played songs of the month. Madison: Sooo, bitch you guessed it. This remix is a banger. Bass boosted 100%. Turn it up guys, get ready for your speakers to rumble. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Airia Remix) Alex: This Ellie Goulding tune has been sitting on top of the charts for a couple weeks now and now we have an excellent trap remix to warm up to this winter. I wish Ellie Goulding knew how much I love her. Madison: I haven’t seen Fifty Shades of Grey yet, but I have had the pleasure of listening to the soundtrack. “Love Me Like You Do” is the type of smart and sweet pop music that we love from Ellie– and it’s the perfect piece for a quality remix. Airia got his hands on an acapella and crafted the rest of this dazzling rendition from scratch. Soft keys and bouncy synths build on each other, but never overpower, keeping Ellie’s voice front and center. Deadmau5 & Madeon - Raise Your Weapon (Crystalize Flip) Alex: We all know and love the original. It hits everyone down to the core. Crystalize flips “Raise Your Weapon” into an upbeat trap tune that will have your head bobbing for the rest of the day. I’m glad someone finally made a good remix of this. Madison: Just like Alex said we all know and love the original. It touches all of the feels. Remixing such a masterpiece takes serious balls and Crystalize must have some pretty big ones because this is amazing. Kittaveli - MISS U (Jai Wolf Remix) Alex: Our last song this month is a new remix done by Jai Wolf. A Nest premiere, this track leaves you wanting even more tunes from us. Just wait though, we will most certainly be back in March. Madison: These lyrics just wow. Hitting home for a lot of people and then Jia Wolf takes it to the next level and brings the feels up 100%. Jai you got me crying over here. 10/10 would recommend but grab some tissues. We hope you enjoy this month’s playlist and fills your need for some trap. Check back next month when we highlight the best Spring Break mix you have ever heard. Make sure to follow all the artists you see here and give them support by attending one of their live shows located near you. We hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day and we’ll see you in a month.