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Party Thieves: Coming To A City Near You

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Madison Riccardi

New York DJ/Producer Party Thieves made a pretty big announcement on Monday. With only a couple of shows under his belt, fans of Party Thieves have been begging for him to release some live show dates... Well the wait is over peeps! 10985103_765642640210563_1996432454519454091_n Party Thieves has shows lined up over the next 3 months, and if you happen to be in or near Miami, Portland, Cincinnati, Colorado, Atlanta, Penn State or Kansas City, I strongly suggest you head on out to one of these shows. Here are some details about a few of the shows:
3.24 - Miami WMC Main Course/Slow Roast Showcase
3.25 FAK Wednesdays @ Branx,Portland
4.11 - Madison Theater - Lookas & Party Thieves
Here is a little video of what you can expect from the shows:
If you need even more convincing (if the video didn't), I asked Party Thieves a few questions. OTB: How excited are you to be finally getting some love shows under your belt? Party Thieves: As an artist, it is always amazing to see videos of bigger producers dropping your tracks, but its even more amazing to drop them yourself in front of your fans! OTB: Can you give us some insight on what your sets will be like? Party Thieves: Energetic. If you're not ready to go hard for a full hour set than you may as well stay in the back. Gonna be some heavy trap mixed always with some new unreleased flame! OTB: Will some of these unreleased Snapchat preview songs be played at some of these shows? Party Thieves: Of course! I open my sets with an unreleased "ID." Throughout the set I also have about 5-7 more unreleased tracks ranging from edits to remixes. OTB: Seven shows over six weeks in seven different states, will you have an time to collab with other producers of would you want to? Party Thieves: Yea, I will be busy because I also have productions with my side project Lazy Boyz, along with non EDM score productions for several commercial and production companies. OTB: Can we expect more shows after these few? Party Thieves: This is only the beginning. You'll be seeing me a lot more over the summer.
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