Party Thieves: Coming To A City Near You

New York DJ/Producer Party Thieves made a pretty big announcement on Monday. With only a couple of shows under his belt, fans of Party Thieves have been begging for him to release some live show dates… Well the wait is over peeps!


Party Thieves has shows lined up over the next 3 months, and if you happen to be in or near Miami, Portland, Cincinnati, Colorado, Atlanta, Penn State or Kansas City, I strongly suggest you head on out to one of these shows.

Here are some details about a few of the shows:

3.24 – Miami WMC Main Course/Slow Roast Showcase
3.25 FAK Wednesdays @ Branx,Portland
4.11 – Madison Theater – Lookas & Party Thieves
Here is a little video of what you can expect from the shows:

If you need even more convincing (if the video didn’t), I asked Party Thieves a few questions.

OTB: How excited are you to be finally getting some love shows under your belt?

Party Thieves: As an artist, it is always amazing to see videos of bigger producers dropping your tracks, but its even more amazing to drop them yourself in front of your fans!

OTB: Can you give us some insight on what your sets will be like?

Party Thieves: Energetic. If you’re not ready to go hard for a full hour set than you may as well stay in the back. Gonna be some heavy trap mixed always with some new unreleased flame!

OTB: Will some of these unreleased Snapchat preview songs be played at some of these shows?

Party Thieves: Of course! I open my sets with an unreleased “ID.” Throughout the set I also have about 5-7 more unreleased tracks ranging from edits to remixes.

OTB: Seven shows over six weeks in seven different states, will you have an time to collab with other producers of would you want to?

Party Thieves: Yea, I will be busy because I also have productions with my side project Lazy Boyz, along with non EDM score productions for several commercial and production companies.

OTB: Can we expect more shows after these few?

Party Thieves: This is only the beginning. You’ll be seeing me a lot more over the summer.

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