Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz – Rise

This release happens to be on a HUGE day for Jared McFarlin aka Party Thieves, with today being his 23rd Birthday and the 2 year anniversary of his Party Thieves […]

Lazy Boyz: The Trap Trio

Aaron, Jared and Trevor all from different parts of the world make up Lazy Boyz. Aaron from Canada has been a musician since the 6th grade, he played in a post-hardcore […]

Exclusive: Zooly Turnt Mix 2015

LA native Zooly has been making music since late 2012, stepping into the scene right as the rise of Trap music was taking place. Although Zooly’s sound has only improved over […]

Artist Showcase: Zeelaa

Welcome to The Artist Showcase, our new monthly mix series. The purpose of our Artist Showcase mix is to help provide up-and-comers as well as already established DJ’s and Producers gain […]

Slander Returns To Their Heaven Trap Roots

Scott and Derek, better known as Slander the Trap Duo out of Los Angeles, have been killing stages and speakers all around the world this year. They toured in the USA, […]

Varien is not Ancient, but he is Arcane

Albums are rare these days, rarer are albums that aren’t only the latest tunes spinning at clubs. Varien’s debut album The Ancient & Arcane takes it back to the days […]

2016 Will Be Massive For Party Thieves

If you don’t know who Party Thieves is by now then where have you been the past few months? Hailing from New York a career in music was not always the […]