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Dada Life - So Young So High (Dillon Francis Remix)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dillon Francis has provided us with a beautiful, melodic rendition of Dada Life's single, "So Young So High". Francis adds a trap beat to the synth-filled progressive house track, keeping much of its original form and melody. The kick of the bass is chopped up like so many other trap pieces out there, but definitely differs from the mainstream drops in the light, happy emotions it conjures from the listener. If you listen to any type of dance music on a regular basis and don't already follow Dillon Francis on Twitter and Youtube, you have made a colossal mistake, and you should do so at once. Why? He's that funny, and he's constantly poking fun at the various elements in the music industry that don't get spoken up on enough. From jabbing at Avicii's House For Hunger Tour to ridiculing the lyrical simplicity of Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything" (Popped a Molly I'm Sweating), Dillon Francis definitely lets his voice be heard.