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Lucky 2014 Artist Spotlight: Bro Safari

Monday, March 03, 2014
Matthew Jager

(Listen to this while reading through the rest of the post)

  When you hear the word bro, many different images may pop into your head. One might be of drunk frat members all in neon clothing yelling out “Dude!” and “Bro! Look at that girl's @$$.” I normally refrain from associating with bros, however, I would be willing to kick it with Mr Bro Safari. Nick Weiller, aka Bro Safari, has been crushing venues around the world with his unique style of trap. His songs have a very different feel from what is now becoming mainstream style of trap music. “The Drop,” “Scumbag,” “Burn the Block,” and “Avalon” helped secure his place in the world of trap, and then he teamed up with UFO! To bring the “Animal LP” into fruition.


His set last year at Paradiso was nothing short of amazing and I am not sure my ears have quite recovered from the sheer amount of bass that accompanies a Bro Safari performance. Make sure to catch Bro Safari at Lucky this year as he stops in on his “Road to Ultra” tour. Find some of my personal favorite songs as well as his full album with UFO! below.