Lucky 2014 Artist Spotlight: DJ Snake

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With ten days to go till the magical gathering of electronic music lovers known as Lucky, we take a look at the one and only DJ Snake. A longtime producer, DJ Snake is no newcomer to the music scene. He has been producing and mixing songs for over a decade. He has done work for the likes of Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and many more, but recently he has stepped out from the purely production and mastering side for other artists and has turned his attention to his own artist career. Exploding onto the scene with his song Bird Machine, followed up quickly by the likes of “Turn Down For What,” “Slow Down,” and his most recent collaboration with Dillon Francis “Get Low” he has quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music genre. Besides his original work, his remixes of songs such as Bubble Butt and You Know You Like It have kept him at the forefront of the trap genre and his style is slowly becoming the “mainstream” sound of trap, mostly thanks to Turn Down For What. It is hard to go to any bass event without hearing at least two DJ Snake songs dropped at some point during the night.


Below you will find everything you need from DJ Snake to get you into the mood for his upcoming B2B set with Diplo. You can Turn Up, Slow Down, and Get Low to all of his amazing tracks this coming Lucky 2014 when he comes into WAMU Theater and brings all of the trap.

Matthew Jager
From LA to Seattle, the West Coast has always been my home and I take great pride in the music scene we have here. Bass music is my first love, but in reality I love and appreciate all types of music...besides country. Let the music talk. You just have to be ready to listen.
Matthew Jager
- 6 days ago
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