RL Grime’s Collab w/ What So Not | ‘Tell Me’ Goes Hard

My favorite artist collaborations are the ones where you can hear each producer’s unique sound throughout parts of the track, and RL Grime‘s sick new release with Aussies What So Not is one of those tracks.  Are you feeling that Friday workday grind yet? I sure as hell am. If you don’t have headphones on yet, now is the time to get those bad boys on and plug in.

I’ve been an RL Grime fan for a long time (as well as a Clockwork fan, of course) and I’m admitted Flume fan girl, so the addition to Emoh Instead to build the dream duo of What So Not obviously interested me.  What So Not started off pretty quiet, but within a matter of months, their popularity EXPLODED.  There have been rumors in the works about collabs with Skrillex (they played together at this year’s Holy Ship), but I’m happy to see other artists joining up with them to make awesome tracks.

RL Grime brings the trap, the distorted, high-pitched vocals are signature Flume and the trombone-esque drops are definitely something we’ve heard from both Emoh Instead solo and in his work in What So Not. I’m definitely looking forward to a lot more What So Not collabs, and this is a perfect beginning. What are you waiting for, get this free download while you can!



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