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Skrillex - Dirty Vibe (feat. Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Trap and Bass Lovers prepare to start your weekend early with my favorite new track, Dirty Vibe (feat. Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL) off of Skrillex's newly released album, Recess.

After my initial preview of the tune, it was clear that this track acted as a persistent reminder of why Skrillex has continued to remain one of my personal favorite EDM artists ever. Throughout his entire DJing career he has not only produced numerous tracks that have maintained popularity among the masses, but also continued to be one of the few in the genre to push EDM into unfamiliar territory.

With hundreds of new releases, remixes, and collaborations dropping daily, it's not very difficult to rummage through your Soundcloud stream and find something that will temporarily satisfy your need to locate a new banging tune to get the day started. Even I am willing to admit I sadly suffer from what I like to call, "New Track Wonder" disease. If you are familiar with what I am describing, then you also know how amazing the feeling you experience is when you a stumble on a new track, and within the first 30 seconds you think to yourself, "this artist has got it." When I say that I mean you listen to the ENTIRE song through, and then when its finished you replay 3 more times just to fully grasp the epicness of every single melody, beat, baseline, transitions, and overall flow. "Dirty Vibe" is the perfect example of a track where I accomplished that personal satisfaction and in my opinion, Skrillex got it just right.

Considering its been about a year since Skrillex's last album release, he knew his next musical collection was going to have to blow minds and change the game...again. I think my fellow OTB team-mate described it best when he said,
"This eleven track album shows off the LA based producer’s new musical direction and honestly surprised everyone with just how different his new sound would be from “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and “Bangarang."

Moreover, after listening to "Dirty Vibe" it's clear Skrillex has a talent for expanding his horizons strategically, and collaborating well with others. This new track is fast paced, but maintains an unforgettable beat that takes the listener on an energetic journey and begging for more at its conclusion. "Dirty Vibe" is the perfect mash-up of unique yet complementary artistic talents. At this point, we already know that you can never go wrong with recruiting Diplo to add his genius production skills and distinct sound to tracks, but with the genre K-Pop quickly rising in the industry, integrating the musical flavors of G-Dragon of Big Bang and CL of 2NE1 continues to reaffirm Skrillex's ability to push his musical boundaries with creating new and different sounds. While in most cases, other artists are less likely to take that chance.

Happy listening BASS LOVERS!!!