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5 Reasons You Need To See Lil' Jon Live

Friday, April 11, 2014

Notice the mention of TWERK in 2003...

Lil' Jon is making an appearance in Seattle on May 16th thanks to Stardust Events and if you are anywhere close to Showbox SoDo you need to be there. If somehow you have managed to escape the "Turntness" that is Turn Down For What, that is truly impressive. That song is literally everywhere. TD4W is the current mantra for anyone 16-30 and it is supremely iconic that Jon has be such a powerhouse in music for so long. Keep in mind he is a producer, writer, and DJ while the title of rapper becomes a secondary title to the many thrones he sits upon. Mainly the King of Crunk and now the King of Rage/Turn Up/Party ETC...


If you missed DJ Snake at Lucky 2o14 then now is your time to see 1/2 of the originator of the #TD4W movement. If you are so oblivious to that song that it's not ringing in your head right now...just stop.

#2 The King Of Crunk!

Do you realize that Lil' Jon has been the king of bangers/party music since 2003?! That was even before Hannah Montana knew how to say the word Molly. The creative genius of this guy is impeccable and to his influence on music in person is a rare opportunity.

#3 His Energy!

If you have ever read an interview or heard about his LEGENDARY shows in Vegas or L.A. you know he has this uncanny ability to figure exactly what the crowd needs. Doesn't matter if it's hip-hop or EDM he knows what you want, five tracks before you want to hear it.

#4 High School!

If you went to high school between 2003-now you have Lil' Jon influence some sort of your high school experience. Doesn't matter if it's you're first experience "freak dancing" or "grinding" or you're wasted prom night, there is a very, very high chance that Jon has influenced your high school experience, most notable in a positive way.

#5 Let's Get Fucked Up!

New track with MakJ is really the anthem for the summer. It sums up nicely what you should be doing on the daily. Getting FUCKED UP!!!!!! #TD4W