What Is That New What So Not?

What So Not

Harley and Emoh are back with a brand new track. The yet to be named song is absolutely amazing and is yet another work of art from the Australian duo. Boasting melodic trap vibes, beautiful Emoh beats, and Flume synths to top it all off, the new track is an immediate favorite of mine.

The track stands out from the rest of What So Not’s work too with a unique sound and feel all of its own while still retaining the What So Not sound. “ID” brings a more relaxed and less banger feel compared to Tell Me or Jaguar and honestly feels like Harley had a driving lead on this track while Emoh has been touring. The very relaxed feel is then broken up with Emohs captivating trap beats and everything comes together to create a beautiful listening experience.

what so not 2

I have been awaiting new WSN after seeing photos on social media sights from Harley and Emoh showing studio time. This gives me great hope that we will see more beautiful tracks in the near future. Check out the new song and let us know what you think in the comments below.

what so not 3

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