Vanic & machineheart deliver with their new single “Circles”

Just one week ago, this poppy number hit Soundcloud. After 7 days and over 380,000 plays, it’s safe to say Vanic & machineheart have a hit on their hands with “Circles.” Vanic has been relatively quiet over the past few months, but the ULTRA signed Vancouver native shattered his silence with this beautifully crafted track. Originally written by machineheart, a 5 member synth-pop band based out of Los Angeles, “Circles” has a unique simplicity, only exemplified in Vanic’s rework.




On their Soundcloud, machineheart described “Circles”:

“…making the best out of your situation. It’s a reminder that when you face resistance or difficulty, you’ll want to have people around you who are going to remind you of what your intentions were in the first place.”

– mh <3

Take that advice to heart, and give this track a listen when you need something uplifting in your life.

Have a listen to the HypeMachine #1 (07/06/2014) below! Also, enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD!

Chris Bergin

Chris Bergin

Self-proclaimed music aficionado and aspiring DJ / Producer. Known for his love affair with the auxiliary cord, this native of Virginia considers his taste in music undoubtedly better than yours.
Chris Bergin
- 3 weeks ago
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