Tropkillaz Bring the Heat with “Bubblegum” Remix

Happy Monday everyone.

And by saying that I mean, “Sorry that it’s Monday but let me try to make the beginning of your work week a little more bearable.”

I’m not a huge trap fan, but there is one Brazilian duo whose beats can get my booty movin, and that is the Tropkillaz. The two take Jackal and CRNKN’s “Bubblegum,” a song that’s already as trappy as it gets, and raise the BPM ever so slighty to around 100, lacing the original clicks and pops with some amazing hip-hop drum breaks.

Tropkillaz sold me ever since I heard their remix of N.A.S.A’s “Hide” on Sonos’ home speaker system commercial during the Super Bowl. Get your Monday started right with these epic beats, and to make it even sweeter? You can cop this track for a free download.



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- 6 months ago
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