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RL Grime Does It Again With "Core"

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Maddy Bahner

Oh Henry, how I love you. Each and every time that Henry Steinway (aka Clockwork, aka RL Grime) releases a new track, I feel like I fall in love all over again. Maybe it's his dreamy eyes and skinny white boy frame, or his unique basslines; but, regardless of what it is, my obsession continues to grow. I've had the pleasure to see RL Grime at venues ranging from beautiful antique theaters to dark basements to outdoor festivals; and every. single. time...the man delivers. [caption id="attachment_22803" align="aligncenter" width="600"]RL-Grime Holla @ me[/caption] This week, RL Grime released the first single on his debut album, which we can expect to come later this year on Wedidit Records. This track, titled "Core", contains all of the essential makings of a great trap song: 1. An eclectic mix of sounds I have never heard before 2. Perfectly drawn-out build ups 3.Some heavy break downs I especially love the Arabian vibe of this track's build up; which does leave me slightly reminiscent of Dillon Francis and DJ Snake's track "Get Low" (minus all of its mainstream-ness...and way better). Check out the single below to help get your anticipation rising for the rest of Mr. Steinway's first album!