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Let Meaux Green And RiFF RAFF Show You How To Be The Man For Free

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Colin Rinehart

If you haven't been living under a barn buried in rocks this year then you've heard some mention of RiFF RAFF. The widely seen, and little understood, Houston rapper is one of the most interesting characters that make up the Mad Decent record label. His latest release, a full length album, came out this past May under the title Neon Icon. Writing a full length album is much more difficult than simply getting crunked up and being the most popular person on vine, or making awesomely funny rap EPs with Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty as Three Loco.The album is not only uncharacteristically intriguing past the point of being hilarious and a borderline spoof of the hip hop scene itself, it proved RiFF has some legitimate talent. Here to showcase some more legitimate talent is an Orlando original in the form of Meaux Green. Meaux, another companion alongside Diplo and RiFF on the Mad Decent roster, has just released his remix of RiFF RAFF's "How To Be The Man" off of Neon Icon. The remix is pumped up, bass'd up, and turned down for naught. It keeps the basic rhythm of the original track, with some trapped out style added, and drops most of RiFF RAFF's original verses save for the hook. Which explains that once you've learned "how to be the man, how to be the boss" this song is to become your anthem, showcasing to everyone that you have officially been shown how to be the man, and in turn can teach them. Meaux himself has been on an unintentional North American tour of "an endless string of show dates. Plus, with massive collaborations underway and a collection of originals aimed at dance’s best labels, Meaux Green is halfway to the main stage and has his lifetime fans right behind him."  

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