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Hucci's "Hitta" hits like a brick

Friday, August 01, 2014
Colin Rinehart

Hucci's prowess as a producer continues to shine through with his newest track on Soundcloud, titled "Hitta." Definitely not to be confused with YG's "My Hitta", this song actually has some musicality to it. The full version is out now on Soundcloud. The track begins as a pretty standard, very groovy, trap build, then the drop hits. You begin to realize that everything you've ever been told about trap music is a lie. You're then sitting in front of your computer thinking, "What is this wonderful thing resonating my ear drum? Trap you say? By Jove that breakdown at 3:42 sure is absolute murder for my inhibitions." *Begins to twerk on every piece of furniture in the house* That's exactly when you hit 'share,' and spread the good word that Only The Beat has brought you in the form of the Gospel, according to Hucci. But for serious, this track hits. It's almost impossible to predict what will happen next, save for the inevitable ad libs, and finely sampled vocals. The song comes complete with a side order of high pitched leads served along side a whopping helping of seemingly never ending 808's. Just when you think the song is about to wind down and out, it comes back at you with an intriguing change up containing acoustic guitar, an incredibly manipulated vocal sample that is almost unintelligible, and then it fades out quicker than it began. You will then find yourself clicking the 0:00 mark and listening to it again. You're welcome. If you live in California (more specifically San Francisco), you're lucky enough to get the chance to see him live tonight at 1015 Folsom. The rest of you sorry saps will have to wait until your turn comes. In the mean time, you have your endless repetition of Hitta to keep you company.

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