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Polar Youth Runs The Chill Trap With "Bae"

Monday, August 11, 2014
Colin Rinehart

"Bae," is one of the few releases by Polar Youth available online. The track is relaxingly addictive. With instruments reminiscent of The Hics' 'Tangle EP,' and a style similar to Mr Little Jeans, the track was released on SYZYGY. SYZYGY is a record label who defines their own title as "[siz·ih·jee], noun - the alignment of three bodies, generally celestial," on their Soundcloud page and describes themselves as "the fusion of forward thinking music, art and culture."

Polar Youth - Bae

Polar Youth is, to say the least, an up-and-comer. With only 4 tracks posted to her Soundcloud, and just over 1500 followers at the time of this post. Elisabeth Verstraete is just getting started with what appears to be a promising career. This 19 year old Belgian producer has a long way to go from what her label (SYZYGY) describes as "basement obscurity" to becoming a household name. She definitely has some talent though. So, don't let the generic "white girl" title of this track fool you into thinking that Polar Youth is just another girl with some production software. Ironically, there's hardly anything generically "white girl" about her track "Bae." I for one find it hilarious that 'Bae' is actually the Danish word for poop. I realize that Polar Youth probably doesn't speak Danish since most people who are Dutch actually speak English, German or Dutch, but it still makes me laugh (I do my research). It's almost even funnier if she's using the Americanized version of the term. Of all the things to make it across the pond, that stupid word made it. Go us. The rest of Polar Youth's tracks are mostly remixes, save for a collaboration with Wyze on a track titled, "Lookin' Good." "Bae," is by far the most played track, however. If you want to hear it live, then that may prove a little difficult right now, but give it time. I'm sure Elisabeth will make her way 'round to your whereabouts.

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