Royal’s Killing The Bebop Game

I feel like I am on a different level with this track. Yes, it’s two minutes, but the song in its entirety is on point, from the slow build–up, to the terse ratchet-sounding instrumentals, to those soft crisp vocals, and even the abrupt ending. These aspects alone might not seem worth it, but when merged together, it’s the perfect structured bebop.

Royal – Cowboy Bebop

But don’t even get me started with the synth and bass. Seriously, it’s something different, something we haven’t heard in a while, and it’s something that’s setting Royal apart from the rest. It’s that pre-game/turn up song you’ve been longing for, so the only logical thing to do now is to set it on repeat.

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Gabby Espinet

Gabby Espinet

Growing up in northern New Jersey, near NYC, has heavily exposed me to my true passion; music. Uncovering new tracks is my guilty pleasure and I feel that sharing them with the world is my duty.
Gabby Espinet
- 5 hours ago
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