StéLouse Proves That Future Bass Is The Way To Go

I guess my question to you guys is, how did I miss this one?

I mean really though, StéLouse submitted this one over 3 weeks ago. If you know me, you know I am a pretty avid Odesza listener, and the fact that I am now coming upon this remix is just downright shameful.

ODESZA – Say My Name ft. Zyra (SteLouse Remix)

The energy in this one is earth shattering, and I am not embellishing with my adjectives at all, I genuinely think that this one might win… call me biased though, I am a future bass fan.

The track has this pumped-up, uplifting sound that’s immediately heard from the intro, and lasts till the end. It’s that infusion of the drums and hard hitting synths that get you riled up and going. I found that throughout the track, I could not stop doing those noticeable and somewhat embarrassing head nod and bobs, but the rendition was too good for me to care what others were thinking.

While I am being honest, I think that this Denver native’s version has a sort of GANZ style, which is pretty hard to compete with, especially since he released his own “Say My Name” remix.


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Gabby Espinet

Gabby Espinet

Growing up in northern New Jersey, near NYC, has heavily exposed me to my true passion; music. Uncovering new tracks is my guilty pleasure and I feel that sharing them with the world is my duty.
Gabby Espinet
- 18 hours ago
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