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LowRIDERz Bring The Sexy Bass With Their Latest Remix

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This week we are getting sexy with the bass masters An-Ten-nae and DJ Laura Low's release, Back to Black (LowRIDERz Remix) - Beyonce & Andre 3000. Lowriderz, as the name would suggest, tend to ride the lows pleasantly hard during their sets. Quickly carving out a slot as one of bass music’s up and coming artists, these two bass music veterans  weave their own blend of deep dance floor grooves and clapping bass technology. They have perfected the art of ultra low frequencies that ride dance floors into a level of submission that would have even the most reserved and conservative audiences feeling the low-end pull of gravity towards uninhibited bliss.

Their live show turns laser focus on innovative production elements, fashioning a unique sound and captivating a stage show that incorporates the best elements of the current explosion of hip-hop influenced hybrid electronic music. Lowriderz provide a fresh approach to a classic feel – the sounds find a common meeting ground that leaves audiences with one expression in mind… “Get low!”

This remix of the original is slow and sensual, complimented with an underlying heavy bass melody unheard of in the original that takes Beyonce’s vocal talent to another level. The mix is a perfect example showcasing how Lowriderz intricate music defies categorization and is deeply rooted in electronic music, yet manages to maintain an organic presence. With a creative mine full of musical gems and a heavy release schedule, it seems the sky’s the limit for these two imaginative souls.

Lowriderz have both the experience and future vision to move dance music culture forward in 2014, leaving 2013 behind with an immense success over the year and summer festival months. They bring a rich and lush overall impression to the table that promises to invigorate hybrid electronic music at a time when popular culture is putting constraints on the creativity and sonic exploration that have defined electronic music throughout its history – and if you’ve seen them live, your brain has been opened up to a new branch of sound style. These are two artists who have challenged my musical preferences, introduced me to a new variety of genres and continue to impress me with each and every track they release. Open your minds with this revamp of a great track. Happy listening my friends!