Black Boots Throws it Back with Their Remix of One More Time

Black Boots puts a trap remix on one of Daft Punk’s classic tracks “One More Time” and they turned it into a banger, let me tell you.

Daft Punk – One More Time (Black Boots Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

Las Vegas duo Black Boots nostalgically spiced things up with this remix of Daft Punk’s classic track, “One More Time” and wow they absolutely killed it. This is a big risk to take, remixing one of Daft Punk’s tracks but the two producers have done quite well for themselves here. Going from remixes of Need U (100%) to  READY! and now this, wow. Black Boots is really stepping things up in the EDM world and they are doing a fantastic job.I am loving the added trap drums, amazing synth chords, lots of great layering (and a few bed squeaks here and there) and it all works so well together. I cannot wait to see what they have lined up for us next.


Madison Riccardi

Madison Riccardi

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Hailing from Southern California, another Los Angeles native, Madison has been in the EDM scene since 2010. Madison is your main women for anything trap, but she also loves anything from deep house to hardstyle. Madison is not only one of our writers but she is also a photographer as well. If you are ever looking for some bass heavy tunes you can be sure she will direct you to the right Soundcloud. #NapGirls
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